25 December 2009

Smoker's Art

I abolutely LOVE this picture. If I thought this was possible to do with smoke, I would SO try it!

22 December 2009

Up Out My Face

These are a couple shots from Mariah & Nikki's new music video "Up Out My Face." I think they both play dolls very well.
I know Nikki jumped for joy to do this. Y'all know she prides herself on being a Barbie doll.
Put this [plastic] pussy on ya sideburns!

R.I.P Britney Murphey

We all know her from her acting roles in Clueless, 8 Mile, Sin City, Happy Feet and many other films. She also played the voice of Luanne on the tv series King of the Hill.
Actress Britney Murphey was pronounced dead on December 20th after going into cardiac arrest. She was only 32 years old.

18 December 2009

Madonna OWNS!

Can you believe this beauty is 51 years old?!
AND the new face of D&G?
This is a fierce individual at her finest.
Let's see if Ms. Rihanna's reign will last as long as Madonna's is.

GaGa is SUCH a lady. =]

I absolutely adore these photos from Lady Gaga's latest photoshoot... especially Mr. West's brief cameo! He loves him some snow bunnies. haha.

17 December 2009

R.I.P. Chris Henry

I was sad to hear that the sports world has lost another soldier. Chris Henry, wide receiver for the Bengals, suffered from head injuries during a motor vehicle accident following a domestic dispute with his fiance Loleini Tonga. He was pronounced dead today.

16 December 2009

The Twitter "twiggas" you MUST follow!

So these are people I'm following on Twitter that keep me addicted! If you're not followin them, look em up & follow them ASAP! And if you don't have a Twitter.... #killyourself. lol jk. But forreal, get one. =]
@EBBtweets -stay hip wit her MusicMonday tweets! and get a good laff from her unique humor.
@Trey_Cash -a hood prophet. get some trill lessons from a certified PG nigga.
@hiTekfame -hilarious, blunt, opinionated, and REAL. a good laugh at someone else's expense.
@TOKYOspinach -like freaky Asians? BAM! the reason we have #twitterafterdark.
@ChattiiCathii -my big sis keeps it strait-up! never heard funny roommate stories? follow her & you will have PLENTY!
@ConPhlict -unbelievable. the biggest asshole on twitter. but still funny as hell wit it.
@BhlairzNotPhair -the MOST controversial tweeter. agree or disagree, she gon keep it trill.
@AskDemHozBoutMe -another twitter jerk.. can't help but to crack up and agree with him.
@OGBruhhDave -one of the funniest twitter unks. his tweets be TOO raw.
@cYrohaZe -rappin' Texas hoodlum keeps us updated on wats poppin in the trap.
@ThisRebeLisReaL -im still tryna figure out how he so chill & intellectual, but still dumb funny.
@MOS3S -this nigga turns ANY & EVERY situation into a comedy. i always dye laughin.
@MadeMan_AJ -epitome of a DC ass nigga. jump out there, get leaned on.
@EthanHeart_ -he will go on anyone for the slightest thing, so stay on your "A" game!
@MissLaniSasha -havin a bad day? One of her inspirational tweets will give you a quick boost.
@suziecarmichael -a fellow college pessimist. very relatable.
@TenthDollar -his simple one liners be havin me like "damn, i never looked at it like that."
@ElijahRead -PG bred country heartthrob... if you down wit MaryJane, his tweets are gonna hit home.
@PATisDOPE -so damn random. get an oldhead's perspective on life. and his blog is #poppington!
If you made my list, keep it up! If not, step it up a lil and I'll add you to it... maybe.
*Click the names to go to their Twitter pages!

14 December 2009

Fast Life Ent. Presents... "Fast Life Flow"

Our boy Ant aka cYroHaze got a new track! My young homie from Texas goes in on "Fast Life Flow"!

His mixtape gon be droppin soon, so STAY TUNED for more from CyroHaze.

Download "Fast Life Flow" NOW!


21 November 2009

The Gift That Keeps on Givin'

Tryin' to figure out what to get that special someone for the holiday?
Get him/her something that you BOTH can benefit from.
I just got this book. It's an interesting read.
Pictures included. ;p

18 November 2009

Respect the Baldy

Ok, I had to address this immediately! I am SSOOOOO tired of people rubbing my damn head all the time, giving me noogies, like I'm a little boy or something.
The first couple of weeks after my "transformation" it was funny, but now its old. Just because I don't have long, flowing hair DOES NOT mean that I don't style my hair everyday, just like any other girl.
When people rub my hair I get very irritated, unless your massaging my scalp. There is a certain way I want my super mini bush to look, and I'm sorry, but rough and ragged is not it! So everyone do me a favor and STOP RUBBING MY HEAD EVERYTIME YOU GREET ME.

Thanks for respecting my wishes. :)

This does not apply to my close people's and "siblings" that run their fingers through my hair. Their is a difference in the methods. One is soothing, the other is irritating.

17 November 2009

inspired by KK,,, Baoww! =]

I had to start a quote section on my blog... cuz I hear some of the funniest crap ever!
The star of this section is mainly Shizz. He a canon. lol.

"She's badd. And she suck dick like a champ.... & I aint gon lie, her pussy taste like tangerines."

"I had a bitch put her pussy on my sideburn. I was like 'whoa bitch! Can we have dinner first?'"

"I try my best to open my mouth wide so I can inhale the pussy."

"I will suck the fart out that bitch ass."

"Our siblings are the key to our future... little bastards."

"I'm bout to start sellin dutches and tampons... how much them things cost yall girls?"

Mike: "We the niggas. We do weed... and syrup occassionally.
Yoi: "I do sex."

Shizz: "Lee, you a canon for wearing them high-water ass sweatpants on."
Me: "... they're capris."

"Get in the shower and cut them lights off so I can watch this porn!"

"You know you winning when you got me thinkin' about losin' my virginity!"

"I ain't goin' to no damn St. John's versus Brown game! The only brown I know is Henny."

"#imthankfulfor the Heem selection God has given this Earth."
Me: "I don't think Birdman can rap."
Q: "He don't rap, he just talk to the streets."


sometimes the quest for pussy ends up in
first a detour
up high mountains
fourteen something odd thousand feet
of sweat and aching legs then cold bones when the storms roll in
and near moments of losing your soul
down badlands
of red dirt and the memories of rivers
haunting you
while you lick the dust from your bleeding lips
and cringe under the devil’s sun
wishing for that taste of water
and hoping like hell that when you find it
it does more than just quench your thirst.

-Esteban A. Martinez

judging from the poem, I'm guessing the author doesn't get it on a regular.

15 November 2009

The "Head" Convo

I swear me & my friends have the best talks, and from those talks come the best quotes. They may seem ignorant to some people, but our conversations are very insightful, no matter how simple the topic may be.

Last night on our drive from Checkers we were talking about oral sex when Erica started expressing her disgust for giving head. That generated these comments:

Mike: "Real niggas give head."

ME: "Real bitches give real niggas head."

Lo: "Real bitches give bitches head."

We all died laughing after that! Lo always knows when to throw a random funny comment in. That's why I love her.

But real talk, I think all these statements are true. And I'm sure there are plenty of yall that agree with me!

13 November 2009

Rip Off Barbie's Head

Last night my "hubby" Jimmy & I were discussing why women are stereotypically longing for love and to be in a relationship, and why men usually are the exact opposite. Look at it this way:
For the ladies, when we were growing up we watched fairy-tales and played with Barbie.In the fairy-tales there was always a young woman desperate to be "rescued" by a handsome prince who would marry her and they'd live.... what?.... "happily ever after" right? The whole movie would be focused on this girl searching for the man she would spend the rest of her life with. It made it seem to us that finding that "Prince Charming" was a priority. Of course, as naive little girls, we subconsciously learned how to, in essence, associate the word "happy" with being in a loving relationship with a man. Now, a decade later, those fairy-tales are defrauded and exposed for the bologna that they are. Kinda the same thing goes for Barbie. Back in the day, playing with Barbie wasn't the same without Ken, her life-long mate. If you had Barbie AND Ken, you were the ish!

Guys, ya'll weren't raised like that. You weren't concerned with girls and emotional crap. It was all about violence: wrestling action figures and destroying lego houses. You played with GI Joe, and NASCAR toys... and if you played with Barbies.... I guess to each his own. I ain't gon knock your preference.

So for those of you who find yourself asking the question "Why the hell are women so emotional?," I want you to think about that. While males were desensitized by fake guns & boxing gloves, little girls were given false hopes of becoming Barbie, with an infinite love like Ken. Today, most girls have finally realized that finding true love isn't as simple as Barbie made it seem... you gotta go through a bunch off BS first. But of course there are still those couple of females that hold on to the Barbie & Ken dream. More power to ya!

12 November 2009

Requoted by Antjuan =]

Life without sex might be safer but it would be unbearably dull. It is the sex instinct which makes women seem beautiful, which they are once in a blue moon, and men seem wise and brave, which they never are at all. Throttle it, denaturalize it, take it away, and human existence would be reduced to the prosaic, laborious, boresome, imbecile level of life in an anthill.

-Henry Louis Mencken

Although I disagree with this statement (especially about women rarely being beautiful), it drew me in with the wording and its sensibility. And I love quotes.

09 November 2009

The "Swag-Jackin" Conspiracy

Ok. So recently my friend/roommate Asaian Persuasion got into a lil slite confrontation with this youngin from Long Island, so I decided to address this.

Being that we're from the DMV, I think it's pretty safe to say that our style shits on most people's, and females can only admire. THERE IS NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO COPY THE DMV STYLE. What we do is unique to us, just like go-go is unique to us. The bright colors and crazy patterns, that's us. The bras and vests, that's us.

What I think people fail to understand is this: we do what we do because we can. We dress the way we do because we KNOW we look good. My answer to it is "confidence is the key to swag." You can't successfully jack someone's swag. EVER. Because that ain't your thing. Get your confidence up, feel good about what you wear. Even if people going on your style, rock it like you the baddest broad walkin. This goes for fellas too.

It's understandable for yall to admire our style. But don't you dare ever copy.

Imitation is damn near impossible. & duplication? Please. In your dreams.

03 November 2009

This Month's Friend of Honor

My darling Janice Blemur, better known as Jan, is an "endangered species." A woman who takes care of her business. She's one of VERY few people I know that are successful multitaskers, taking on the task of going to school full-time and maintaining a 4.0, working part-time, AND hosting groups of friends in her house often. She currently holds the title of Miss Black & Gold for St. John's Alpha chapter, and she's going for the state title this week. She even convinced me to chill out with some of my "bad habits" until I get my grades in check. *Round of applause*

Serious about her education and future, but still knows how to have a damn good time.
Inspiring. That's what Jan aka "Friend" is.

19 October 2009

Crown of Glory

So I haven't posted anything in a while, mainly because I'm always doing something.
I'm finally adjusted to college life in NY, so now I can address something that everyone has been questioning me about....
My damn hair.

Yes I did cut my hair.. some time in September I think. People keep asking (as if it's not apparent in my pictures, lls) so I decided to let you all know.

  1. Why I did it? idk... I've always been a random person. & I like to do different stuff. I thought about doing it before, but i decided to finally ACT on it. The color.. that was my friend's idea, but i LOVE it just the same.

  2. Do I feel different? YES! I felt empowered after doing it. I felt like I was a tad bit different from other females who use their hair as a crutch, making up for other flaws they may find in themselves. I don't have anything left to hide behind!

  3. Am I gonna keep it like this? As of now, most likely. I was planning on locking my hair once it was all natural, but now I'm too attached to the baldness. lol

I think this cut fits me very well, & my blonde "skidmark" sets it off just right with a lil bit of personality.

I now see my hair as a part of my identity. & I'm proud to wear this crown. =]

19 August 2009

Passion for the Fight

I have a dream that I will one day be the best martial artist you ever did see.

Shake hands, knock out, or submit and tap,

my opponent will fear to see me on the mat.

School girl by day but ruthless at night,

I'm an innocent soul with a passion to fight.

Train my hardest, compete at my best, give my all during practice,

put my heart to the test.

Team mates encourage, coaches will teach,

but it takes determination for goals to be reached.

Building strength through talent given by God,

but hard work will beat talent when talent doesnt work hard.
I wrote this poem when I was 15, at the peak of my jiu jitsu career. Since the age of 13 grappling has been the love of my life, & though I may not be training now, I feel a comeback in the making. I been gone too long.

10 August 2009

The Heart

The most vital organ. Controls your life, yet regulated by your lifestyle. Protected by outer mass, yet susceptable to the most brutal of pains. So flexible... expanding and contracting, yet so limited in movement. The greatest providing source that needs even more providing for. Steady for a lifetime, yet silenced in a second... one quick moment. Most powerful, yet the most powerless. Has the might to live, yet weak enough to die. So strong, yet so fragile.
While writing, I kept forgetting which heart I was referring to: the literal heart? or the figurative? So I leave it to be interpreted by my readers.

09 August 2009

Everybody Plays the Fool

Why do we fall for the wrong ones? Mess over the ones... that one.. that truely wants you. Just for the other, to be with the other one... the one that could give a damn about you. "You're my lady." Ha! I fell for that.

The girl that made that mistake. I said it would never, no, could never be me. That turned around to bite me in the ass. Karma.

As a little girl I once wished that I would fall in love. Damn those fairy tales. Filling my head with false hopes... that I could actually find love... a love that loved me back. Guess I should've been more careful with my wishes.

I lost something real... that had potential... all because i fell for your act. Well, take your bow. You entertained the fool. Shame on me.

All I ever asked of you was honesty. Truth. My mistake, I thought you could handle that.
Sharing of horoscopes. Pet names. I was your "Abby," you were my "Chowder." Ha! Cute.

My friends slandered your name, knowing you were no good for me. Did I listen? NO. Even your friends knew it wouldn't work. I wanted to prove them wrong. What I didn't realize was that I had lost the fight before it even begun.

"She's just a friend" Ha! .... 6 years. And that's it? Nah slim. I ain't that dumb. I told you once before, I know more than you think. But not only did i play dumb, I played the fool.
"Why are you so concerned with other girls?" Because I knew... deep down... that I was never really what you wanted. But why? Why keep me around? That's what I just couldn't understand.
"Baby you my heart." Ha! I believed that too. I give you one thing. You're a pretty good liar.
How do you lie about love? Played with my emotions. Did you ever once feel any guilt? Did you ever really care?.....

Was I really that weak? From what? Your smile... your touch... you did something to me. You led me to believe that you cared. All the walls, I let them down... I let you in... even knowing your past. Foolish of me.

"Single Again. Back on the prowl." That status I made. It was a joke. But the tears I shed that night... were real. The tears that I shed now.... You cried too. Those tears, like your love.... were a lie.

I begged for your forgivness. You? Forgive me? Backwards little me. I can't believe you almost had me thinking it was my fault.

I stuck around. Thinking I could make you love me. I should've known better. I tried to ignore... deny it... until it was just too obvious. In my face. Too obvious to ignore.
I should've let go sooner. When the texts became fewer... shorter. When the calls stopped coming... When our late night convos became... non-existant.

My love gave you too much power: the power to hurt me. You left me long before I had finally decided to let go. Heartbroken. But not lost...

"Empower Your Being." Tatted on my side. A reminder that I must love me before I expect someone else to. Self-love is the best love.

I will always cherish the original misconception I had of you....

"I love you." Ha! The funnest joke you could've ever told me.

08 August 2009

Coming Out.

Should I keep it a secret? How do you even BEGIN to tell people that...

Just slip it into casual convo? Yea, thats it.... No. It's not that easy.

How do I tell my parents? What will they think of me? What will they do? Will they still love me?How will they react? What if... they already know? Can they tell?

I'm sure they can... the love notes.... Oh, God...

God! Will HE still love me? Yes of course! He loves all... but the Bible says...

No, No, NO! He loves ALL. I know that, for a... fact?

If it wasn't meant to be, then why am I like this? He made me this way.

My friends... will they accept me? Will they call me names? What if the whole school finds out?

I'll be mocked. Ridiculed.... Even worse.... No, that can't happen to me.

I have to be proud. It's not like I can help the way I am... or can I? No.

Why would i CHOOSE to go through this? I mean... I don't see the problem...

What's the big fucking deal with people?! I accept them for who they are. Flaws & all...

But is this a flaw? What am I saying? It's America.... But then.. Liberty & Justice for all. Right? Or no... it's just for some.

Ugh. I CANT take it! I have to be myself.

The down-low lifestyle isn't for me. I can deal with the outcome...

My heart.. pounding. Wow. My palms are sweaty.... I can do it... No turning back....

2 simple words have the ability to change my life... forever...

"Mom.. Dad... I have something to tell you..."

(For You Dro, my Pandora.)

The Genesis

"I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people out there that feel the same way as you Liane." The line that stimulated this whole blogging idea. My best friend's older sister overheard me reading a 3-part text message to my ex. She must have been attracted to my ability to word my feelings in an understandable fashion. I'm not sure. But there was something in that text that sparked this brilliant idea.

I guess it's about time I started blogging. I'm pretty sure Twitter is tired of my numerous tweets, back-to-back about my life. haha! I am the most complex of simple people that you will probably ever meet. It doesn't take much to please me, and from my demeanor you would never think that there is so much on my mind. And from the way I interact with people everyday you would never think that I could possibly have such a heavy heart.

So here I am. Blogging to the world. My life is an open book now. A diary that each reader holds the key to. If I am able to reach out to & connect with anyone through my words, I will be happy. I know how hard it is for some of us to convey the complex thoughts that cloud our minds. And express the conflicting emotions that overtake our hearts. So for all of you who feel how I feel, I'll be your voice.

Manipulation Nation

It's funny how people can seem to be so sincere, so real, so honest... & then turn out to be snakes. cheaters. liars. The lowest forms of life. Ugh! Is it so hard to be real these days? I guess people still abide by the rule "fake it to make it," huh? Well, that's NOT how I have chosen to live my life.

I'm so through with people that can't keep it 100 with me. Even when I think that I have people all figured out.... there's always a trick up their sleeve. Deceit. One thing I just can't get down with. I don't know about the rest of you, but there is no room in THIS young woman's life for someone who lies to get ahead.

Manipulation Nation. That's where I want all you FAKES to stay. If you lack the ability to truthfully convey your thoughts, feelings, & emotions, I HIGHLY doubt that this is the place for you.

But to those of you who take pride in being true... you're ALWAYS welcome.