19 August 2009

Passion for the Fight

I have a dream that I will one day be the best martial artist you ever did see.

Shake hands, knock out, or submit and tap,

my opponent will fear to see me on the mat.

School girl by day but ruthless at night,

I'm an innocent soul with a passion to fight.

Train my hardest, compete at my best, give my all during practice,

put my heart to the test.

Team mates encourage, coaches will teach,

but it takes determination for goals to be reached.

Building strength through talent given by God,

but hard work will beat talent when talent doesnt work hard.
I wrote this poem when I was 15, at the peak of my jiu jitsu career. Since the age of 13 grappling has been the love of my life, & though I may not be training now, I feel a comeback in the making. I been gone too long.

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