13 November 2009

Rip Off Barbie's Head

Last night my "hubby" Jimmy & I were discussing why women are stereotypically longing for love and to be in a relationship, and why men usually are the exact opposite. Look at it this way:
For the ladies, when we were growing up we watched fairy-tales and played with Barbie.In the fairy-tales there was always a young woman desperate to be "rescued" by a handsome prince who would marry her and they'd live.... what?.... "happily ever after" right? The whole movie would be focused on this girl searching for the man she would spend the rest of her life with. It made it seem to us that finding that "Prince Charming" was a priority. Of course, as naive little girls, we subconsciously learned how to, in essence, associate the word "happy" with being in a loving relationship with a man. Now, a decade later, those fairy-tales are defrauded and exposed for the bologna that they are. Kinda the same thing goes for Barbie. Back in the day, playing with Barbie wasn't the same without Ken, her life-long mate. If you had Barbie AND Ken, you were the ish!

Guys, ya'll weren't raised like that. You weren't concerned with girls and emotional crap. It was all about violence: wrestling action figures and destroying lego houses. You played with GI Joe, and NASCAR toys... and if you played with Barbies.... I guess to each his own. I ain't gon knock your preference.

So for those of you who find yourself asking the question "Why the hell are women so emotional?," I want you to think about that. While males were desensitized by fake guns & boxing gloves, little girls were given false hopes of becoming Barbie, with an infinite love like Ken. Today, most girls have finally realized that finding true love isn't as simple as Barbie made it seem... you gotta go through a bunch off BS first. But of course there are still those couple of females that hold on to the Barbie & Ken dream. More power to ya!

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