29 September 2010

Spotlight on AJ

Shout out to my big brother Alan for keeping us hip to the sickest footwear in the game with his posts on Novembers Children. He recently started blogging for the site, contributing a sneaker-lover's insight into the latest drops, from the Foamposite's to the new LeBron's. He also contributes editorial pieces related to sports and celebrities. Stay tuned to Novembers Children to keep up-to-date with "FuckThePublic" posts.

My people doin' big things.

28 September 2010

Inside Shaolin

Art Appreciation

Robert Mapplethorpe

Today in photography class I learned about this controversial artist. I love his collection for the simple feature of contrast. Also the focus on nudity and appreciation for the human body captures my heart. This makes one grow fond of simplistic beauty.

27 September 2010

The New Addition

"Can we call him Tubby?!"

Yesterday we welcomed this blessed creature to our family, and named him Tubby. Don't ask me how we went out to go to the bank, and ended up bringing back a guinea pig. I just know he's perfect and I love Tubs to death. I can't wait to give him a trim and dye his mohawk.

The Age-Old Question

Why do bad things happen to good people?

We all ask the question "Why me?" numerous times in our lives..
Sometimes we get put through things we don't deserve.

Why did it have to play out like this? 
I've done nothing wrong.

Thinking of the many times I've thrown my head back and cursed God.
Cursed God for screwing me over.

The response I got was simple:
You needed it.

If we don't experience pain, we will never be able to truly appreciate life. What we go through makes us better people. Coming up out of tough situations changes one's perspective of the world around them. And we all know... what don't kill you only makes you stronger. 

25 September 2010

The Domincan Feast

White rice. Yellow rice. Mashed plantains. Fish & potatoes.

4 entrĂ©e dish. Bean soup. Drink.
Only 7$.


Don't Get Caught Loafin

Cyro is always the one to knock after indulging in the loud. He's lucky I wasn't around when they were doing this. His face would've been covered with syrup.

24 September 2010

Photo of the Day

"If we weren't high, this wouldn't have drove by us." -Marley

I never imagined I would see something like this in New York. Me and Marley thought we were back at home. And of course the guy drove around the campus and parked. Southern stuntin'.

Quote of the Day

"You guys are oranges. I'm an apple. I'm not tryna blend. I just wanna coexist."

I overheard this in a conversation today and thought is was high-larious!... but real at the same time. No need to mix your identity with someone else's. Do you, and respect others doing them. Appreciate the differences we all have from one another. The world revolves around variety.

23 September 2010

Tune In My Head...

"No Woman, No Cry"
Everything is gonna be alright.

I wish I could've had the chance to witness first-hand the magnitude of this man's talent.

R.I.P. Robert Marley

The Cupcake

I took this picture last semester and it got lost in this 90's tech-box of a laptop that I have. I love it. The cupcake I want to devour. And Jordan, well, everyone loves J.J.

The "Hip" Kids

Ever heard of the Adult Swim parties?

Just a quick glimpse.

21 September 2010

Lesson from Heavy D

Face Your Demons.

Uh Oh!

Go-Go is probably to blame for this.

Olive, my little "grab-Liane's-camera-and-shoot" photographer, caught me acting a fool. But can you really blame me? Many times music is at its best when you're turn't up and enjoying it to the fullest. 

Just to let you know...

I'm gonna be featuring mainly only my photographic work for a while. Most of it, if not all, will be Black & White. I want you guys to see what I do and give me feedback. I oddly enjoy constructive criticism, and respect those that properly deliver it. Although my work won't change for anyone's liking.

I do hope you guys enjoy!

Shouts to Kassie!...

... for being the one to to remind us we had cake in the fridge. BLESS.

This is why everyone needs @KaSERuh_ .

19 September 2010

Fast Life Ent. x WSJU radio

Photos from DJ Casp's interview of CyroHaze, Cam, and SRG.

Just a glimpse into the radio hour filled with freestyles, discussion, and laughs.

17 September 2010

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow....

... they all mesh together sometimes. When it does, I feel like I'm living the right way. It's a beautiful thing when people lose concept of time. It shows an appreciation for the world around you, so great an appreciation that you have no desire to lose focus. Looking at your watch, checking your phone... ever noticed you don't do it when you're having genuine fun? When things are going so right... when you're too stoned or drunk to care. What if it could always be like that?

In a world gone digital, it's rare that we are able to detach ourselves from the global village and enjoy what we are surrounded by. Don't lose sense of self by being wrapped up in the "happenings" everywhere. Lose track of time by being wrapped up in life right here.

16 September 2010

Be Sure to Tune In!

Who: DJ Casp; CyroHaze, Cam, & SRG (hopefully)
What: "Fast Life: The Musical Unity" WSJU Radio interview
When: Tomorrow! Friday, September 17th; 6- 7 pm
Where: Channel 36 in dorms and online
Why: Focus on Fast Life Entertainment on the come-up. Discussion, info on new projects, and more... ;p

Don't miss it!
Expect photo and video footage here this weekend!

No Applause Needed

1. Intro
2. The Morning
3. Deception
4. Wordplay feat. SRG
5. Skit-No Batteries
6. SexTape feat. Jeremiah Jackson
7. Personal Freak
8. Cut
9. Favorite feat. Justin Rose
10. Galaxy Love
11. Skit- Haters
12. I’m Ready(Interlude)
13. Undeniable
14. Floating
15. Moments in Jordans
16. Private Party
17. On Fire
18. Skit- Rappers Make Laugh
19. I’m ILL Freestyle
20. Exhibit Me
21. Eat Your Heart Out
22. Outro

Download the mixtape No Applause Needed here.

Be sure to hit @Cam_Major up on Twitter!

15 September 2010

Photo of the Day

Kiss my bumper. Just kiss it.

I saw this twitcon and fell in love. Pay your dues Cowgirls.

"The Recipe"

Fresh track from my love Test from PG. Definitely a hot collab. This song is only a taste of what to expect from his next project. The Foyolyfe team defines hard work. Haters, prepare to be disappointed.

Download "The Recipe" here.

Visit http://foyolyfe.bandcamp.com/ to hear the latest from Test and Hotdamn.

Pooda Wisdom

The pain of truth is easier to deal with than the pain that comes from lies.

Untruths do nothing but lead to more untruths that lead to revelation of the untruth.
Revelation of the untruth leads to disappointment and resentment.

Hurt my feelings with the truth.
Break my heart with a lie.

Keep it factual.

It's just that simple.

Quote of the Day

its funny when people say they like my style, because i feel like i don't have a set "style". i just do what i want.


Style is what you make it. It is the first impression you make on someone, the first statement you make when you walk into a room. Style isn't "who" you're wearing, its what you wear and how you wear it. I take pride in my style, so what I put on everyday exudes my mood and the essence of who I am. Labels don't make me. I make the labels.

Fashion fades... style lasts forever.

"The Work" video

I love this video. Wale is definitely putting on for the DMV. Seeing places I grew up around, DC landmarks and public housing, makes me proud of the region that raised me. Nothing is like it.

Shouts to the Board of Administration for staying true.

Short-lived Jewels

Today I said bye to the nipple ring.
It was good while it lasted.
I'll keep my charm for memories.

13 September 2010

Naturally She

How can anyone not see her beauty? A natural woman is the most blessed gift this world could ever receive. I love this woman. Her style-defying creativity and soul-capturing personality are what set her apart from most of many.

You must respect a woman with a mean shoe game.

Tune In My Head...

I be on my Ps and Qs... my weed and brews.

Dev's the man to listen to at times like this.

12 September 2010

NYC Fashion's Night Out

The night when the who's whos and the who's nots combine. From Soho to Fifth Ave, Jordan and I had the swindles on lock. Free drinks, famous faces, and unique styles. Business cards and cut lines.

The gold backpacks were everywhere.
I had the best spot to see N.E.R.D. and Chris Brown... then I lost it.
My DJing soul sister from afar.

Fast cars with bad broads in em.
Paparazzi! I see you Taye Diggs.
Things got crazy.
The LV dancers gave the corner life!
I wanted to buy the Gucci baby... but she wasn't for sale.

That's how you keep em on a leash.
The glass of Goose that did the trick.
The opposite sisters.

Captured by me.