31 January 2010

Grammy's Head-Turners

RiRi's Pre-Grammy dress is to DIE for. Bey is giving all Sasha in this fierce fitted piece. Her curves are heavenly.
YES Jenifer! Her body is amazing, and this dress complements her well. Very sexy.
GaGa never ceases to amaze me.

Adore the dress! On the fence about the shoes. Ashanti lookin in great shape tho!

Usher, handsome and well-dressed as usual. Mya finally stepped out, and fabulous!

Miss Keri Babyyyy! She is gorgeous, and workin that mermaid gown!
The best I've ever seen her.

Idk how I feel about this one Musiq. I do love purple tho!

Thank you Weezy for giving everyone a reason to break out their Space Jams.

J. Lo looks amazing after them babies! & Bey... I don't need to say how good she looks.
Favorite Gown of the night! TOO jaw-dropping.

No Fergie. You did not do it for me this time. Sorry.

29 January 2010

Girl on Girl > Girl on Guy

How do girls fuck? That don't count.

This post is for those of you who discredit sex between females. Because there's not a penis involved, guys brush off the idea that we ladies can have SEX with each other. Well guess what? They're WRONG!
Dictionary.com defines Sexual Intercourse (Sex) as:

"intercourse involving genital contact between individuals other than penetration of the vagina by the penis [followed by an orgasm]"

Get hip niggas! It's a proven scientific fact that women will achieve an orgasm with another woman before they will with a man. Sex between females is a beautiful thing. Face the fact that women know women better than men do. Every spot that makes us shake, women were born knowing. The slightest touch in a certain area, that's all it takes to set it off.

What many people fail to realize is that the G-spot, that mysterious little area, is alot of times not affected by a penis (unless it's curved or used properly). You have better chances of hitting a woman's G-spot during foreplay than in actual intercourse (penis in vag), due to the fact that it is located ON the vaginal wall and requires pressure. The G-spot is what causes an extraordinary orgasm.

I've heard many people refer to lesbian sex as "just foreplay," which is both false and true in my opinion. It's 2020! Broaden your horizons! Get outta the traditional sex mindest. Sex is better when sensual emotions are involved. Women are emotional creatures. Put that together, and you may just get it. Every kiss, rub, lick... a sensation that can't be understood. WE know what WE want. WE know what spots to hit, and how, and the reaction we will get from that.

We be knowin'!

**This is not meant to say that the D is no good. It's VERY good, depending on the distributor. I know some of y'all don't feel me on this post. But it's not meant for everyone to agree. I'm just saying what others won't or don't know.**

27 January 2010

Hard to Get vs Standards

"Why you gotta play hard to get?"
One of the most irritating questions that I've been getting alot. I find that to be an ignorant inquiry. Just because I don't pay you no mind doesn't mean I'm playin games. It flat out means that I DON'T WANT YOU. I'm not one to play games with others for the simple fact that I don't like when people play games with me. If I'm feelin' you, you're gonna know. But 98% of the time that's not the case. If you constantly blowin up my phone, Twitter, or FB inbox, and get a reply 25% of the time... take a hint. I really don't like hurting people's feelings, but this has been blowing me more and more lately, so niggas boutta get flowed on.

Some of y'all don't realize what playing hard to get actually is. I'm not Webster, so look it up on Urban Dictionary. Just know that the reason it seems I am that way is because I have certain STANDARDS that need to be met. This isn't eHarmony.com, so I don't feel the need to list a criteria and what not. To some my standards may seem high, but I disagree. I just refuse to settle... no one should. Settling for less than what you want is a set up for failure.
What's the point in settling if you know what you want?

26 January 2010

The Better Party!

Unique rhymes over futuristic beats.
"The Better Party" mixtape was dropped this week by Earthgang, a duo from Georgia. I couldn't stop rockin my head while listenin' to this joint. No wack wordplay, no mimicking of famous artists' flows. I love both Venus and Hobbes' delivery and how they compliment each other so well. Earthgang reminds me of Outcast, a revolutionary duo that epitomized Hip-Hop during its time. Defying odds and daring to be different, integrating unconventional sounds in the beats. Did I mention the great production? =)

Visit earthgang.net right now!
DOWNLOAD the mixtape "The Better Party", and put it on the mP3.
Listen all the way through! (not like that will be hard)
This mixtape exudes REAL Hip-Hop. Earthgang is the future of the subculture we love.
Real Talk.
"Earthgang be that live shit. You are just a rerun"

25 January 2010

The Flow (theflowspot.blogspot.com)

My girls Lo & Myrt have finally gotten hip to blogging! Go check out their site! You shall definately be entertained by Lo's gay antics and Myrtis' everyday dose of REAL. From tattoos to liquor to celebrity scoop, just like on the "L" Word Chronicles, The Flow is bringing it ALL!

Thinkin Like a Nigga...

We all know about a woman's intuition... but what do you call it when a female also has the mental capacity to think as a male would?
The big man Steve Harvey said it best in his book title "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." I am one female who has been blessed with the ability to think like a man, but still carry myself and think like a woman would. I feel that women who have this mental capacity will always be at least 2 steps ahead of the game. Women are scientifically proven to be smarter creatures, but men have an unwritten rule book that many women don't have access to. There is a gene encoded in every male that automatically programs the book when they are born. It takes a certain breed of woman to disect "The Male Code."
The way I see it, you can't beat someone at their own game unless you know how to play. Females are sometimes so wrapped up in being bitches, for lack of better words, that they have difficulty dealing with men. What you ladies fail to realize is that males are the least complicated of creatures! They aren't difficult to please, or understand, but you MUST put yourself on their level to understand them.

Tips on getting relatable with males:
  • chill with your male friends (sporting events, strip club outtings, etc)
  • don't be clingy! give them their space, but let them know you're there
  • stay hip to the latest music, no matter the genre
  • be able to hold a conversation about a neutral topic
  • keep an open mind
  • remember you are a lady! share a woman's perspective, but don't be overbearing
  • most importantly, be all EARS, but no mouth. [in the words of Domo]

These tips won't guarantee that you will end up one of the honorary fellas. Some females just aren't meant to understand guys because they won't allow themselves to relate. But for those of us who can relate, we got it good. We know that "Niggas ain't shit" doesn't apply to all males, and many of them can be pleased with simply sports, sex, and good conversation. No one wants to be nagged or caught up in childish rumors, but males especially.

Ladies, just try to understand. Carry yourself as a woman, but think like a man.

Download "Hater' Request" Here!

My boy cYro has finally dropped his new mixtape! Get hip and download it NOW!
From the Intro to "Mo Money" this shit is hot. & the homie showed love wit the shout out. =)
Click the link, listen, and give me ya CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.
hit my mans wit a Twitter follow too! @cyrohaze
601 FAST LIFE ent.

22 January 2010


High Thoughts

Aphrodiasiac boosted... Mentally lifted... t-shirt fitted... and fresh.
Smellin good... feelin great... refreshed physically... off to bed. wait.
Looking up.. and looking down... i have no need to wear a frown.
More pleasure than pain.. Dark clouds, no rain.
Deep thoughts. much reflection. oh what to do.
Skype with my gay soulmate.. subjected to hate.. sticks and stones.. nothin i cant take.
Late Friday. Early Saturday. Class at noon... no basketball game.
No music... jus them talkin... and the outside sounds.. Relaxed.
im high, and enjoyin. life as it is. right at this. moment.
thats wat i live for. The Moment.

10 January 2010

ooo La La!

This is the newest ad from the Prop 8 NOH8 (No Hate) campaign to protect gay marriage. Our girl LaLa is the newest celebrity face of the campaign, and she is quite a lovely choice if I do say so myself. =)

09 January 2010

Danger!: Crazy Bitch Alert!

um... yea. Idk where to start with this one.. Another reality show hoochie gone wacko. WHY did she feel the need to go bald? and WHY did she put them clothes on? and WHY is she posin like this picture belongs on MySpace?! smh. and this is the type of bafoonery yall look to for entertainment. She can't even be a good mother.
We've got a broke ass Black version of Britney Spears.

07 January 2010

1st Comes LOVE, then comes marriage...

.... then comes the baby in the baby carriage! haha

CONGRATS to Keyshia Cole & Daniel "Boobie" Gibson on their engagement & pregnancy.

The couple is 4 months prego! Hopefully their relationship works out.

Ri Ri got a new boo!

Guess I was wrong. Maybe she NOT still lettin' Chris "run it". lol.
Hopefully this one ain't a wifebeater.

Way to Put on for the City Gil.. smh

Gilbert Arenas suspended indefinately.
This nigga is a plum damn fool. Point blank.

LOL tats!

Saw this a while ago and forgot to post it... It's a dumb thing to get on your body, but creative as hell! Kudos to the artist.

It's Not for Everyone

Foxxy baby, I still love you and I'd DEFinately still hit.... but I'm really upset at you for this. Leave the badd, bald white girl look to Ambs. Ok? Thanks. Fuck ya later. ;p

Battered MEN

Every 38 seconds a man is physically abused at the hands of a woman.
Fellas, please don't think that it can't happen to you. Just like women are subject to abuse, so are you. I just wanted to acknowledge the matter on my blog because so often we hear about women getting beat by their significant other, and we tend to forget about the men that go through the same thing. So be aware, and raise awareness.