08 August 2009

Manipulation Nation

It's funny how people can seem to be so sincere, so real, so honest... & then turn out to be snakes. cheaters. liars. The lowest forms of life. Ugh! Is it so hard to be real these days? I guess people still abide by the rule "fake it to make it," huh? Well, that's NOT how I have chosen to live my life.

I'm so through with people that can't keep it 100 with me. Even when I think that I have people all figured out.... there's always a trick up their sleeve. Deceit. One thing I just can't get down with. I don't know about the rest of you, but there is no room in THIS young woman's life for someone who lies to get ahead.

Manipulation Nation. That's where I want all you FAKES to stay. If you lack the ability to truthfully convey your thoughts, feelings, & emotions, I HIGHLY doubt that this is the place for you.

But to those of you who take pride in being true... you're ALWAYS welcome.

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