09 November 2009

The "Swag-Jackin" Conspiracy

Ok. So recently my friend/roommate Asaian Persuasion got into a lil slite confrontation with this youngin from Long Island, so I decided to address this.

Being that we're from the DMV, I think it's pretty safe to say that our style shits on most people's, and females can only admire. THERE IS NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO COPY THE DMV STYLE. What we do is unique to us, just like go-go is unique to us. The bright colors and crazy patterns, that's us. The bras and vests, that's us.

What I think people fail to understand is this: we do what we do because we can. We dress the way we do because we KNOW we look good. My answer to it is "confidence is the key to swag." You can't successfully jack someone's swag. EVER. Because that ain't your thing. Get your confidence up, feel good about what you wear. Even if people going on your style, rock it like you the baddest broad walkin. This goes for fellas too.

It's understandable for yall to admire our style. But don't you dare ever copy.

Imitation is damn near impossible. & duplication? Please. In your dreams.

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  1. jus so you know...
    i READ your blog!
    && you preachin*