27 May 2010

Weed Brownie Effects

Yoi and Muff thought they were at the playground... highed up asses. They ate brownies without me! =/ It's okay though, I was already high, on my way to get higher when I discovered these fools.
I think I'll give these pictures captions.
"What you tryna do? Swings or the see-saw first?"

"Hey look! She fell off the slide!"

"Those monkey bars look like a good idea."

I miss these crazy times at school. We have enough stories to last the whole summer.

Captured on my B-Berry.

Match Somethin'

Random thoughts after a high night.
Wanna blaze? Let's partake.
You smell this dank? Let's not fake.
Roll it up, or I shall. Spark it, or I will.
Toke it up, choke it out. Blowin' smoke, puffin' clouds.
*looks at joint* This that loud. Stupid, stoopid loud!
Tappin' out? No never that. Hold your weed, no turning back.
Don't church the J. It's time to pass.
Don't disrespect me, shake that ash.
You want this roach? I'll sure take her.
Smoke the clip, or save for later.
Eyes all low, we both high. This should define being fly.
What you mean you done with this? Call the weedman. No bullshit.
Drinks up for you. More tree for me. ESPN on. This life's a tease....

Or is it a dream? If so, we shall eternally sleep.
Welcome to my Ganja Galaxy.

Forest fires and air pollution.

"Yo Side of the Bed"

This was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes.

P.S. Trey and Keri would be so cute together!

24 May 2010

OOhh Baby.. "Rockstar 101"

She's crazy, but you gotta dig Ri Ri. Love the video concept.
And the Howard Stern wig? haha. Priceless.

Quote of the Day

there's 3 sides to every story... there's 1 side, there's the other... then there's the #truth

We are all different in many ways, but one thing that everyone has in common is this: we all want to be right. It is hard to share a story or speak on a situation without sounding biased because of the simple fact that our opinions and emotions are many times conveyed through our wording. We leave things out, add pieces in, and exaggerate what really happened. Sometimes we do it on accident, sometimes we do it on purpose. Usually we're trying to get whoever we are conversing with to agree with us. Attempting to be persuasive while at the same time holding to the truth is a complicated task, and some do it better than others.

The point of all this is to say: don't believe the first thing you here. And even when you have heard both sides, know that you will never really know the full truth, because only those present know that.

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Another Alias of Mine

Weed and sports are two major components of my life. Everyone has weed names, the main one of mine being Strawberry KushCake. But not everyone has a sports weed name. My mans SRG inspired me with his Charles Smokely alias, so it's only right that I have one. Last night I decided to be Candace Sparker, of the L.A. Sparks. Simple, but very effective.

For the people who don't know much about sports, just know that Candace Parker is one of the most vicious WNBA players. Whoever said females can't dunk, she made them look stupid... multiple times.

More of these names to come. ;p

The Kid Frankie

Saw him perform it live. Such an energetic track.
Off the most recent mixtape Kush x OJ.


20 May 2010

"I'm On It" studio video

Gotta fuck with this track.
French Montana featuring Wiz, Nipsey Hussle, and Big Sean
Each dude ripped their verse, and you must appreciate the catchy hook.

Quote of the Day

idk why when some Blacks get money they think it changes the color of their skin. not at all. they still call u a nigga.

money is not a skin color.

19 May 2010

Wiz Khalifa's "The Statement" video

Off Wiz Khalifa's latest mixtape that caused an internet frenzy, Kush and Orange Juice.
People with bad eyes and cool glasses are awesome!
Gang Gang..

Brought to you by DJ Ill Will and HotNewHipHop.com!


18 May 2010

Belief:: in Myrt's eyes

I'd like 2 think I control my destiny! But its ultimately n Gods hands. I trust him whole heartedly.

I admire Myrtis for being so grounded in her faith. You will see her words featured here often, because not only does she keep it real, but she keeps it funky! I can honestly say she is her own being, and having someone like her in my life benefits me in many ways.

I love you Perty Myrty!

Quote of the Day

When Someone Does You Wrong, Learn To Forgive But Never Forget.

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June 12th Can't Come Sooner!

Someone posted this video from Wiz's show in Seattle. He tweeted it, and of course I watched. Now I can't wait to see him perform this. It's one of my favorite songs on Kush and OJ, definitely in the top 3.

I've always wondered... do y'all think Wiz is still high when he is done performing? He uses so much energy, in turn sweating out the marijuana effect. Or maybe the adrenaline boosts his high...? I guess that can be added to the list of questions I will ask when I track him down for a personal and exclusive interview for the blog.


Only Gene...

There's no cool way to die, accept through overdose.

This is one of them tweets that makes me die laughing and slap my forehead simultaneously. Leave it to Gene to tweet something like this! And then he tells me he wants to go out like a rock star. Haha!

17 May 2010

Only in the Hood

Twitpic'd by Philly "yungbul" @PaperPlaneJish .

How many times have you went to the ATM and wished you didn't have to take out a full $20?
If you're anything like me, it's been a lot! I wish they had ATMs like this everywhere. Sometimes all we really need is a couple bucks, and a dub can be the difference between having just enough in your account and having nothing in your account (mainly in the College life). And God forbid you don't have a full $20 in your account! Then you're definitely screwed... unless you have one of these $5 dispensers in your hood.

Rumor has it...

Free agents are attempting to get Kentucky's John Calipari to be head coach of whatever team LeBron moves to. In my opinion, the odds are in favor of the Chicago Bulls. And I would LOVE that move. It's time for Bron to get his ring, and we all know Calipari's track record when it comes to winning games, series, and conferences. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one. It's a rumor I wouldn't mind being a truth.

Too bad John Calipari denied the rumor, tweeting that he will remain at Kentucky. But this could just be a cop-out until July 1st. We shall see!

I just realized...

Baseball can be very interesting when it's played right.

I have never been a baseball person. I think I've only been to 2 games before ever in my life: one DeMatha high school game and one Nationals game. The DM game didn't really keep my attention, but that could be due to distractions around me. And the Nationals game, well, we all know how they play, so I wasn't very interested. Neither game was fast-paced or exciting, making my perception of baseball to be... BORING.

But, watching SportsCenter during baseball season, I see a lot of plays from baseball games that lead me to believe that I judged the game wrong. Deep dives, slides, nearly impossible catches.... the game can be very intriguing. I think it's time to give the sport another chance, because I may just be missing out. If only my hometeam Nats were good!

When Will it End?

Her body was found by her teammate. She was beaten and battered. It wasn't the first time it had happened.

Because she didn't speak out, she will never graduate. Because he couldn't control himself, she will never play lacrosse again.

Maybe she was in love. Maybe she was scared. Maybe she thought it would stop.

Love is NOT supposed to hurt. Fear should never keep you prisoner. If it happened before, it can happen again.

Don't become a statistic... SPEAK OUT! Protect yourself. Because if you won't, who will?

We know what was happening now... all too late.

R.I.P. Yeardley Love
Killed at the hands of her boyfriend.

16 May 2010

Weed influenced Words from the Wise

As y'all know, my G of a wife Nef keeps it too real on Twitter. She's always droppin' knowledge on y'all fools. Here's some of her wisdom:

thou shall never give a fuck about the next tweet only the next $$ #nefwisdom

thou shall never think its okay too share chapstick..the pussy eating rates are going up.#nefwisdom

thou shall never challenge my thoughts on hip-hop..i know whats right and whats commercial.#nefwisdom

thou shall never wear fake sneakers..or i will be forced too jun tao that ass #nefwisdom

thou shall never challenge my G' status..being a G doesnt mean lying about ur life [drake].it means staying true to who you are.#nefwisdom

thou shall never have to finger your pussy and smell a onion kush tinge on their finger tips..ladies use dove..use soap. #nefwisdom

thou shall never be jealous of the next bitch..just be friends with her..bet you benefit #nefwisdom

thou shall never want to be a barbie...leave that too lil kim who originated and nicki who bit her style #nefwisdom

If you aren't following my cannabis cadet @nefprez , do so NOW. Or else we'll roll you up in our trusty papers and smoke you until there is no more idiot left. Then flick your ashes in a disrespectful manner. Oh, and if you think your a smoker, match us. Me and her will be the judge. (Only the finest of herbery allowed.)


Quote of the Day

confidence is a key but arrogance will break off all bets.

I think sometimes people fail to realize that there is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. You can be sure of yourself without being cocky. One is a turn-on; people are naturally attracted to those who believe in themselves because the radiate a positive vibe. The other is a turn-off; no one wants to be around a dickhead who thinks they're "the cows Moo". It's beyond annoying. As individuals we must learn to have confidence without being full of ourselves. Arrogance is not becoming.

J. Cole Interview at "the John's"

Who would've thought that one of the hottest lyricists, let alone artists, on the Hip-Hop scene right now would be a graduate of St. John's University?

*Wholetime though, peep my happy bald self in the concert clip. Just cheesin' and rockin'. =)

One Way

One of my favorite Wiz songs, mainly because it conveys a lot of what I feel when it comes to pursuing my dreams.

"Mind in the gutter, you niggas ain't in my lane."
I'm on a whole different level from y'all. If anyone could take a look in my mind, they wouldn't be able to understand, retain, or handle what they witness. There's not enough weed in the world.

"This is not the life I chose, but it's the life that chose me."
I can't help who I am, or the cards that I was dealt. But what i can control is how I play my hand. I'm not sure about the rest of y'all , but since I'm stuck here until death, I'm gonna live to the fullest.

"I'm just flyin'. Haters tryna clip my wings though."
They scared to just LET ME DO ME. People see me living it up and can't stand to see me happy. They scared to see me succeed. They scared of my potential. Family wants me to have a 9 to 5. No sir. Not for me. I'm stuck in a creatively controlled environment. Fuck a desk job.

"I don't know where this road will go, cuz my life is crazy. And I ain't changing, baby."
I have no idea where I'll be in 10 years, but I know where I want to be. I'm on the road to making a dream a reality... to making a vision something tangible. No approval is needed. I refuse to conform.

"I found my lane and I won't change for nothin'.. it's only one way to go."
And that's UP.

15 May 2010

"King Kong" video

Creative Control + Spitta = genius connection

Curren$y - King Kong from Creative Control on Vimeo.

If you ain't get the song yet, buy it on iTunes NOW!

10 May 2010


I want to apologize to my frequent visitors for not having any new posts in a few days.. Being that it's finals week, the time that I spend on the computer is used for homework and applying for jobs/internships. I'll try to break y'all off with something slight tonight, but I'm going to be back full force with tons of posts within the next few days!

06 May 2010

Just Because...

... it made me laugh.
RT @MarilynMonroe90: "Dont go shopping for Trojan when u got Durex money"-------@seanb2177

Live within your means people! Don't live a front, because in the end, the people that really matter don't care about the excess non-sense.

Quote of the Day

If you constantly have to remind people of how attractive you are,chances are,you aint half of shit.

It's self-explanatory, so I need not explain. This is why I adore Paige, she keeps it too real.

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05 May 2010

Quote of the Day

Is that just tomatoes and bread?? Damn, I respect that Liane... But gotdamn I love this chicken!
- Ant ( @cyrohaze )

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04 May 2010

Give me FACE!

#nowplaying Ode to Naked Pop Stars.
She is just doing everything for me right now. Cassie, will you marry me?

Quote of the Day

Something that everyone on Twitter should understand:

Just because you read my timeline, that doesn't mean you know me. There's a lot more to me than 140 characters could describe.

No explanation necessary.

Bey Does it Again!

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

This is the reason I love Giselle. Y'all ain't messin' with her. I was hoping this song would have a video eventually, and the vintage theme was on point! And Solange, for writing the song, is the hidden truth.

03 May 2010

"Diary" music video

I respect Wale so much for this song and video. The message of it is a positive truth about a negative attitude. When we are hurt or disappointed by someone we love or care about, we tend to expect the same actions from everyone else that comes our way; therefore we shut them down before they are able to state their piece. The point of the video was very well relayed: don't make your future pay for the transgressions of the past; you can miss out on a blessing.


Roll one. Light one.

Quote of the Day

Funniest thing ever ... Is when I doubt myself... It's hilarious to me

Confidence is the key to execution. If you doubt yourself, everyone else will too. Know that you are capable to do what you set your mind to. Proof of confidence is in the outcome. Believing in yourself allows you to not only commit to doing well at something, but also to excel at it. Going into something second-guessing yourself only leads to you doing poorly. Let go of your fears and go for it with success as your objective!

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02 May 2010

My Surprise Visit Home

Home to the DMV. Surprised my mom for her birthday weekend. Went to Karys' Sweet 16... Sex & the City themed. Had Spa Day with the ladies. Back to NY. All in 19 hours.

01 May 2010

on the D+L

She doesn't know how to work my camera, but it still came out good.
To Dervon: I love your wonderfulness. I'm glad that little twerp found you. I was worried that she'd go crazy without Lynae... and those are some big boxers to fill. Congrats! You have become the boo boo kitty of SJU (don't tell Nae I said that though). I hope you stay around forever. Or at least as long as I'm around. ;p

*Thank you Pretty Pretty for this lovely shot of your boyfriend's hand conjoined with mine.