27 February 2010

Red Cups & Smiles

The night I played Beer Pong for the first time.

26 February 2010

Only @EBBtweets

"I needa say a cool sentence one day so i can be quoted on @iPooda's blog... lmao"

Leave it to Ebony to say something like this... on Twitter. I appreciate the love though, and I appreciate having her. =)

Hit my girl with a #Follow! @EBBtweets

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Quote of the Day

"There are good hair dressers, not good hair."

Check out "MissInformed" blog... 808s && Heartbreaks.

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via @liltunechi

"nope,i dont have a.d.d....i have espn"

I'm so glad Wayne got a Twitter. His tweets are always entertaining, not because he's trying to be funny, but because it's clear that this man is truly misunderstood. He has a lot of deep emotional and intellectual thoughts, but he communicates them in his own way. That's what makes us love his music. It's called word play. Y'all laugh at his tweets because they make no sense to you, but go listen to a few of his songs and tell me how much of his lyrics actually make sense.
Lesson to you all: stop trying to make sense of everything. Some things just weren't meant to be analyzed. Remember one of Weezy's most famous lines, and one of my favorites...
"Misunderstood ain't gotta be explained".

24 February 2010

A Man Sheds Tears

"In the [NFL], nine-10 years is life, and actually, for the most part, I was a Charger for life..."
During a press conference yesterday LaDainian Tomlinson gave an emotional farewell address to his San Diego family. Throughout his time as a Charger, he not only exhibited a die-hard passion for the game, but he also showed an undying love for his team.
"Sometimes emotions is what makes a person and, as you guys know, I've always wore my emotions on my sleeves. So for that I'm not sorry. And I thank you.''
Tomlinson will possibly be picked up by the Patriots, Saints, Texans, or the Eagles. I wish the talented running back all the luck in the world. His drive to succeed on the field will lead his desired championship with another squad, but we'll always remember him as a San Diego Charger.

Quote of the Day

While we were high...
*Waka Flocka's "Oh Let's Do It" comes on*
"Shake that head like you got hair! Shake your bald head girl!"
-Lindsay aka Linz boo [haha]

23 February 2010

National Free Pancake Day: OUR holiday

I just enjoyed a delightful short stack of buttermilk pancakes.
Every year IHOP does it. Every year we show up... by the bus-load.

While I was sitting down eating, a White female walked in and looked around in awe. I guess she was shocked to see so many Black people packed in one place sharing syrup. She helped me realize that this is a holiday mainly celebrated by my racial community. After she got over her shock she said "what is this? Free pancake day or something?"

Quote of the Day

"you tellin me if gucci mane walk in here right now and say "BURR"... yall not gon BURR?"

- Q

While I Was High...

Y'all know the Pandora App? I had it on my Palm Pre, and now I have it on my B-Berry. I love this damn app! I tweeted every song that came on my "Jay-Z Radio" mix... it was CRAZY.

#nowplaying Moment of Clarity - Jigga man

#nowplaying Heard Em Say - Mr West

#nowplaying 10 Crack Commandments - BIG

#nowplaying Hate It or Love It - the Game & 50

#nowplaying Real As It Gets - Hov & Jeezy

#nowplaying I Aint Mad At Cha - 2Pac

#nowplaying Spit Yo Game - BIG

#nowplaying Ready or Not - Fugees

#nowplaying Streets Is Watching - Sean carter

If these songs aren't on your iPod... something ain't right.

"Everything To Me"

Just saw this video today, and fell in love all over again with the song. This right here is the reason why a lot of singers ain't close to Monica. She is badd as hell! AND she has a diaphragm of pure gold.
I love her hood-classy hair too. ;p

*peep OchoCinco in the joint*


Yesterday's popular Twitter Trending Topic.. I saw some good tweets that need to be reTweeted on my blog.

#weedetiquette dont skeem on niggas lighters

#weedetiquette respect every head on the J... if u dont respect em, dont spark wit em.

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette bring good conversation to the session.

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette remember this is a bonding session between you and those in it. get to know the niggas you smoking wit.

@MaryJaneHer: #weedetiquette if you ain't rolln don't rush it. & if u ain't put in you have no say at all.

@FlavaaDave: #weedetiquette have some good music. dnt come wit no random radio tunes

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette dont disguard of the roach until you have cleared it w/ everyone in the session.

@FlavaaDave: #weedetiquette if i smoke a blunt with ya speak the next day..

#weedetiquette bring more than one roll-up.. u fukn wit champs out here.

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette dont blow smoke in my face.

@YBHippie: #WeedEtiquette though shall ask before puttin the J out....maybe niggas want that last pull.

#weedetiquette dont cop no skimp bag

#weedetiquette dont pick up another mans weed to smell it unless instructed to do so.

#weedetiquette ash before you pass

@EBBtweets: #weedetiquette if that bitch can't roll no need to bring her throughhh!

@YBHippie: #weedetiquette if you roll it, you spark it first, if you decide to pass; the person who copped sparks first.

Respect the green.

Cayan from DC

Y'all already know I gotta support the artists from my hometown. Check out Cayan, my friend Lil Jerm hipped me. He belongs to Expressive Frontier Music Group. These guys seem to be on the move so stay posted for updates on the company's future endeavors. Until then, download Cayan's track "Live From the Capital".. it's hot!

DOWNLOAD HERE: "Live From the Capital"

Stay updated with Cayan on:

Major Music section of www.eflifestyle.com

Follow him on Twitter: @CayanFromDC

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22 February 2010

Rasheeda: That Boss Terrestrial Bitch

Rasheeda been on the scene for a minute... I'm just gettin' hip to her. I must say I'm feelin' her a bit. Check out some of her songs and y'all can be the judge. This Georgia peach won be over with her raw vibe and hard image, while maintaining her femininity.

Custom-Made Docs

Modified Dr. Martens... by Nozomi Ishiguro
I LOVE them!

Kush & Orange Juice: the mixtape [trailer]

I know I'm not the only one awaiting the drop of this one...

Kush x Orange Juice Trailer from taylorgang on Vimeo.

21 February 2010

Sex Stores & Smoke Shops

My Soulmate BP came to NY... our night in the city.


20 February 2010

Congrats Mase!

Anthony Mason Jr, the RedStorm's star senior and son of retired NBA forward Anthony Mason Sr. has become the 45th player from St. John's to become a member of the 1,000 point club! He topped 1,000 career points today in the Johnnies game against South Florida (in which we captured the win! 74-58).
Congratulations Mase, keep it up!

19 February 2010

"Young Black Hippie"

"You niggas is hearin' but I wish you'd listen."

The YBH himself, SRG, has dropped track from his upcoming mixtape. On a dope futuristic beat with an old school vibe from the percussions, "Young Black Hippie" is definitely a hot track in my book. A smooth flowing story of a tree-burning dreamer on a journey to success. And the hook is a catchy one, gives me a Cudi feel. A guaranteed head-nodder.

Click Here to Download "Young Black Hippie".
And look out for SRG's mixtape Young Black Hippie, dropping on 4/20..
(good choice of release dates, right?)

17 February 2010

KJ's Outlook

"RT @RevRunWisdom: Great advice:: Do things for passion not position"
"@TheLegendKj: @iPooda if i'm really supposed to do things for passion, i'm getting outta school cuz this shit is for position"

This tweet from my lovely KJ struck me as being so real. Honestly, none of us have a passion for college, the school aspect of college at least. We enjoy the independence, diversity, and social life. What we do have is a passion for knowledge. What do we remember more? School lessons.. or street lessons? Think about it. You know every strain of weed and how to roll a J, but you failed botany class. Exactly! We all want to pursue a dream that we have. But the pursuit can be cut short by a barrier in society: you need a degree to get hired. In this world, you mean nothing to an employer without the creditional of a higher education.

Therefore, college is necessary. I know the early classes and the unbearable professors blows hard, but we gotta do it, just to have something to fall back on if Plan A fails.

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16 February 2010

Winter Wonderland

Cliche ass post title. But a beautiful sight. Captured by yours truly. =)

15 February 2010

Give Me Leg or Give Me Death

I love legs. The leg of a female can be one of the sexiest thing on her body. I love when ladies give leg, especially in skirts that are the figure-friendly length. Patterned tights can also add shape to the leg, and in pumps the calf muscle is gorgeous.
Don't be afraid to bare leg in the winter!... that's partly what tights, stockings, etc are for. Be careful what your skirt/dress lengths are though. The wrong cut can give your legs an undesirable look.

**Shoutout to Little Miss Muffin (pictured model) and her beautiful little legs! haha**
Follow her on Twitter! @LifezUhBeach
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Just Because

Little Miss Fruity, Little Miss Sushi, Little Miss Muffin. lol

This picture captures what the hell I deal with all the time...

and they're some of the funnest moments of my life.

I love my Hooligans. DC Delinquents. lol

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