17 November 2009

inspired by KK,,, Baoww! =]

I had to start a quote section on my blog... cuz I hear some of the funniest crap ever!
The star of this section is mainly Shizz. He a canon. lol.

"She's badd. And she suck dick like a champ.... & I aint gon lie, her pussy taste like tangerines."

"I had a bitch put her pussy on my sideburn. I was like 'whoa bitch! Can we have dinner first?'"

"I try my best to open my mouth wide so I can inhale the pussy."

"I will suck the fart out that bitch ass."

"Our siblings are the key to our future... little bastards."

"I'm bout to start sellin dutches and tampons... how much them things cost yall girls?"

Mike: "We the niggas. We do weed... and syrup occassionally.
Yoi: "I do sex."

Shizz: "Lee, you a canon for wearing them high-water ass sweatpants on."
Me: "... they're capris."

"Get in the shower and cut them lights off so I can watch this porn!"

"You know you winning when you got me thinkin' about losin' my virginity!"

"I ain't goin' to no damn St. John's versus Brown game! The only brown I know is Henny."

"#imthankfulfor the Heem selection God has given this Earth."
Me: "I don't think Birdman can rap."
Q: "He don't rap, he just talk to the streets."


  1. WHOOOOO said they will suck the fart out that bish ass?????*

  2. girl u already kno that was Shizz nasty!