25 December 2009

Smoker's Art

I abolutely LOVE this picture. If I thought this was possible to do with smoke, I would SO try it!

22 December 2009

Up Out My Face

These are a couple shots from Mariah & Nikki's new music video "Up Out My Face." I think they both play dolls very well.
I know Nikki jumped for joy to do this. Y'all know she prides herself on being a Barbie doll.
Put this [plastic] pussy on ya sideburns!

R.I.P Britney Murphey

We all know her from her acting roles in Clueless, 8 Mile, Sin City, Happy Feet and many other films. She also played the voice of Luanne on the tv series King of the Hill.
Actress Britney Murphey was pronounced dead on December 20th after going into cardiac arrest. She was only 32 years old.

18 December 2009

Madonna OWNS!

Can you believe this beauty is 51 years old?!
AND the new face of D&G?
This is a fierce individual at her finest.
Let's see if Ms. Rihanna's reign will last as long as Madonna's is.

GaGa is SUCH a lady. =]

I absolutely adore these photos from Lady Gaga's latest photoshoot... especially Mr. West's brief cameo! He loves him some snow bunnies. haha.

17 December 2009

R.I.P. Chris Henry

I was sad to hear that the sports world has lost another soldier. Chris Henry, wide receiver for the Bengals, suffered from head injuries during a motor vehicle accident following a domestic dispute with his fiance Loleini Tonga. He was pronounced dead today.

16 December 2009

The Twitter "twiggas" you MUST follow!

So these are people I'm following on Twitter that keep me addicted! If you're not followin them, look em up & follow them ASAP! And if you don't have a Twitter.... #killyourself. lol jk. But forreal, get one. =]
@EBBtweets -stay hip wit her MusicMonday tweets! and get a good laff from her unique humor.
@Trey_Cash -a hood prophet. get some trill lessons from a certified PG nigga.
@hiTekfame -hilarious, blunt, opinionated, and REAL. a good laugh at someone else's expense.
@TOKYOspinach -like freaky Asians? BAM! the reason we have #twitterafterdark.
@ChattiiCathii -my big sis keeps it strait-up! never heard funny roommate stories? follow her & you will have PLENTY!
@ConPhlict -unbelievable. the biggest asshole on twitter. but still funny as hell wit it.
@BhlairzNotPhair -the MOST controversial tweeter. agree or disagree, she gon keep it trill.
@AskDemHozBoutMe -another twitter jerk.. can't help but to crack up and agree with him.
@OGBruhhDave -one of the funniest twitter unks. his tweets be TOO raw.
@cYrohaZe -rappin' Texas hoodlum keeps us updated on wats poppin in the trap.
@ThisRebeLisReaL -im still tryna figure out how he so chill & intellectual, but still dumb funny.
@MOS3S -this nigga turns ANY & EVERY situation into a comedy. i always dye laughin.
@MadeMan_AJ -epitome of a DC ass nigga. jump out there, get leaned on.
@EthanHeart_ -he will go on anyone for the slightest thing, so stay on your "A" game!
@MissLaniSasha -havin a bad day? One of her inspirational tweets will give you a quick boost.
@suziecarmichael -a fellow college pessimist. very relatable.
@TenthDollar -his simple one liners be havin me like "damn, i never looked at it like that."
@ElijahRead -PG bred country heartthrob... if you down wit MaryJane, his tweets are gonna hit home.
@PATisDOPE -so damn random. get an oldhead's perspective on life. and his blog is #poppington!
If you made my list, keep it up! If not, step it up a lil and I'll add you to it... maybe.
*Click the names to go to their Twitter pages!

14 December 2009

Fast Life Ent. Presents... "Fast Life Flow"

Our boy Ant aka cYroHaze got a new track! My young homie from Texas goes in on "Fast Life Flow"!

His mixtape gon be droppin soon, so STAY TUNED for more from CyroHaze.

Download "Fast Life Flow" NOW!