19 October 2009

Crown of Glory

So I haven't posted anything in a while, mainly because I'm always doing something.
I'm finally adjusted to college life in NY, so now I can address something that everyone has been questioning me about....
My damn hair.

Yes I did cut my hair.. some time in September I think. People keep asking (as if it's not apparent in my pictures, lls) so I decided to let you all know.

  1. Why I did it? idk... I've always been a random person. & I like to do different stuff. I thought about doing it before, but i decided to finally ACT on it. The color.. that was my friend's idea, but i LOVE it just the same.

  2. Do I feel different? YES! I felt empowered after doing it. I felt like I was a tad bit different from other females who use their hair as a crutch, making up for other flaws they may find in themselves. I don't have anything left to hide behind!

  3. Am I gonna keep it like this? As of now, most likely. I was planning on locking my hair once it was all natural, but now I'm too attached to the baldness. lol

I think this cut fits me very well, & my blonde "skidmark" sets it off just right with a lil bit of personality.

I now see my hair as a part of my identity. & I'm proud to wear this crown. =]