18 November 2009

Respect the Baldy

Ok, I had to address this immediately! I am SSOOOOO tired of people rubbing my damn head all the time, giving me noogies, like I'm a little boy or something.
The first couple of weeks after my "transformation" it was funny, but now its old. Just because I don't have long, flowing hair DOES NOT mean that I don't style my hair everyday, just like any other girl.
When people rub my hair I get very irritated, unless your massaging my scalp. There is a certain way I want my super mini bush to look, and I'm sorry, but rough and ragged is not it! So everyone do me a favor and STOP RUBBING MY HEAD EVERYTIME YOU GREET ME.

Thanks for respecting my wishes. :)

This does not apply to my close people's and "siblings" that run their fingers through my hair. Their is a difference in the methods. One is soothing, the other is irritating.

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