30 July 2010

Did You Know?...

... that the United Sates accounts for only 5% of the world's population.... but also for 25% of the world's reported prisoners.

I can't be the only person alarmed by this statistic. Why is our nation home to a full quarter of those incarcerated?! There is no reason why we should have more prisoners than we have people in the world. The government needs to sit back and re-evaluate the criminal justice system that they take such pride in. So much money is spent sending people to jail, yet we struggle trying to pay for a higher education, one you need in order for society to give two shits about you .

Where do the nation's priorities lie??
They'd rather allow rapists to run free while minorities with minor drug offenses occupy the majority of our jails. They'd rather destroy another country than build up our own. They'd rather lock "problems" up in a box for a while instead of fix it.
Big damn help that does us.
**Source: The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws http://norml.org**

Photo of the Day

From: @LifezUhBeach In: the DMV
Why must people do such things? Waka should NOT have this much influence on anyone. Like yeah, the song is catchy and all... but damn! On your truck though? I guess that'll be an entertaining joke if they ever get pulled over by the cops.

Mac Miller "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza"

I'm just getting hip to this guy. He's with Rostrum Records and is only the second rapper I know to hail from Pittsburgh. I enjoyed my listen to a few of his tracks and a mixtape. And of course I look forward to hearing him work with Wiz. Never heard of him? Get on it!

Check out @MacMiller on Twitter and Myspace.

Farming at its Finest

As I was Google searching "dope beach"....
I want his job.

28 July 2010

Will You Be There?...

... 'cause we will.
Shouts to Shoalin Park and EarthGang. Got big love for those 2 groups.
Look out for the footage from this weekend, there will be LOADS!
Good tunes and many doobs. What I love.


"Ambitious Girl"

"I'm tryna fuck the shit out you aspirations..."
This afternoon, Wale Folarin dropped one of the best works of the summer... possibly the year. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces of his. Listen in ladies...

Download @Wale's "Ambitious Girl" here.


THE Institution of Learning

In response to the tweet "Education should be free."

School isn't free... but education is.

(I wish school was free though... St. John's University is kicking my ass!)

27 July 2010

The Asian Says...

... as she poolside twatches...

TOKYOspinach Hispanic ladies have pillsburry doughboy tummies with extra butter rolls on the side

TOKYOspinach White ladies have nice boobs with cottage cheese booties or just a flat back with a long asscrack

TOKYOspinach black ladies be giving up on demselves & they just biggggg.. Like a brick house. Or some got saggy titties

TOKYOspinach Asian ladies dont have shit lol. Or they got yellow legs & yu can see all the veins.. but Ma dukes is the bait so it's ok lls

Follow my Yummy...@TOKYOspinach

and yes, her mother is the bait.

@NefPrez x @loRenee_x0

This photo reminds me of both my weeded wifey and my tatted girlfriend. Breasts and tats... the best of both worlds.

Get high until.... well, just get high.
Might as well get tatted while your doing it.

Smoke a joint with your middle finger to the cops.
Ink your whole body like you don't give a mother fuck.

Boobs & Doobs..
Massive Ink..


Follow them on Twitter, for those who ain't hip.

Odd Munchies

Faced a J after a long day at work..
while laughing at the Twitter rapists and skyping Neffy.
Talk about a come-up... I came in off the deck and got my hands on the last krimpets!
The saltines tasted like communion bread... Amen.
It's the only thing I owned in the frige... and I was thirsty.

CDs! DVDs! ... and NorthFaces?

"@imjesssss Writin the labels on these DVDs #truelife my dad is the bootleg man lls"

Gotta love the bootleg man! The guy with the big coat or the throwback jersey, totin' a bag or milk crate through the barber shop and nail salon, shoutin' out all the box office titles. "You want that? I got that." There's one in every hood. We appreciate them. Someone's gotta do it. How else would I have seen Precious the day after it came out?

BUT... there are some artists and actors that you must not seek from the bootleg man. It's just downright disrespectful.

Live it Up, Don't Dumb it Down

The worst thing you can do is be an unproductive pothead.
Let's not prove the nay-sayers right. Don't be the typical person that gets high and does nothing. Write something, clean something, choreograph something.... whatever your maximum high capability is, reach it! Accomplishments feel most pleasing when you're high. Get a small task out of the way before taking a weed nap. Just make sure you get up and DO something.

This is not to say I am against enjoying the high life in a chill manner. This is to say that I am against people who make us, as avid marijuana smokers, look bad.

We can't fight to legalize it if we don't prove its benefits.

23 July 2010

Super High Remix video

Dope visuals. Spitta all highed up, G'n. Wiz looks too good, in his element. Ross surely lookin' like a boss. Gotta fuck with it.

21 July 2010

Nicki Minaj "Your Love" video

Bringing back the art in music videos!

Though Nicki and I have a love/hate fanship, this video has given me more faith in her. I love the storyline, and the simple fact that the video has a storyline. In a time when most videos lack substance, it is good to turn on MTVJams and see art such as this. Miss Minaj remained sexy, but classy and true to the unique artistry she exudes in her music and style. I may just start watching music videos on tv again in hopes that more of this is to come.

20 July 2010

GQ Online x T. White

"Gordon von Steiner hit the streets of L.A., San Francisco, New York, and beyond in search of serious hot-weather style—and seriously sexy women. Here's what he found"

Read More http://www.gq.com/style/street-style/201007/gordon-von-steiner-wandering-eye-california-new-york#slide=28#ixzz0uG5k1Ed9

The perks to living in New York and looking cool. No body does it better than Freaky Ty.


17 July 2010


Don't speak of the future if you can't handle the present.
The plate that you have before you is too much for your stomach to swallow, so why try to down the persons plate beside you? Planning for the future calls for taking control of the present. The future is where bigger and better things take place. The present is where we prepare for those occurances. Don't rush what the future holds. Take baby steps until you can make giant leaps. When you are ready for the future, it will come to you.
Follow "the prez" on Twitter. @NefPrez

Quote of the Day

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by actions.

No explanation needed. Realize when you are being more critical of others than you are of your own self. Just as you may have good intentions, so may they.

16 July 2010

Ladies Love Me: The Mixtape

TEST from PG "I Think I Love Her freestyle"
from the Rotten Grapes mixtape

Look out for Test's mixtape, Ladies Love Me, coming very soon.
Hit my mans with the Twitter follow ASAP! @TestfromPG

13 July 2010

Currensy x Winner's Circle

Hot Spitta live in Rhode Island!

Visit downforthewin.com for more exclusives and the "what's new" in Hip-Hop.


Pilot Talk... FOOL.

For the weed-smokin', Jets-reppin, hip-hoppin, rhyme lovers.
NO DOWNLOADS! Buy it here http://bit.ly/cLc4Pg

#JETS nigga... NOW where haven't we been yet?

The Life...

... others claim they live it... but not like we do.
Haters often imitate but they can't BE US.
It's obvious suckas talk down, but we ain't trippin....
hos fuck wit us, say we different.

10 July 2010

Shaolin Park presents "Ask Me"

From the Adult Swim mixtape... Shaolin Park featuring Chris Moon

Video directed by Dre Eastwood.. Follow him on Twitter @DreEastwood.

Look out for the shark city boy's next mixtape in August!

09 July 2010

I Get High

A throwback and classic.

But of course I enjoy the Renegadez version better. Crankageeeeeee!

The King Leaves His Throne

Jersey-burning and name calling? Not necessary.
LeBron James made a choice that he thought was best for him. I can find plenty of reasons why he should've stayed in Cleveland, but I can find just as many reason to justify his move to Miami. No one wants to go their hardest and not be rewarded. Yes, it would have been monumental if he had toughed it out and eventually got a ring with the Cavs, but who's to say it would happen? It's crazy how the same people that are bashing LeBron's decision are the same ones that bash him for not having a ring yet. Let the man live. I didn't want him to go to Miami either, but I am anxious to see what he will do teamed up with Bosh and Wade. Having that opportunity presented to him, I'm sure he would have regretted turning it down. Point is, I'm a fan of LeBron regardless of where he goes, as long as he's playing the game and beasting the way he does. Real fans don't switch up on a players when they switch teams. So "fans", be fans.

Disappoinment in his decision should never result in some of the reactions people are exhibiting. Basketball is not a hobby for NBA players... it's a CAREER. And in our careers we have to make hard choices, and that is what he did. It is clear that James has unconditional love for his home in Ohio, and it hurt him to leave. But in the end, we must all do what is best for ourselves. The ungrateful Cleveland fans should be praising LeBron for what he made that team. He single-handedly made the Cavaliers franchise more than relevant in the league. And for that, they must respect him.

I wish the King the best of luck in Miami... we are all expecting great things from the Miami trio.

07 July 2010

Styling a Baldy

I like to change it up.

1. I was an even blonde fro.
2. My cuz became an amateur barber.
3. It's only right that Strawberry Kushcake goes strawberry blonde.
4. Bright head cute face!

I miss my blonde already.

The Bra Theory

So many people ask me what's my beef with bras... here I shall address it.

Brassieres, more commonly known as bras, are the device women use to cover, lift, and support their breasts. I personally have lost the desire to wear them and have grown to resent them. A while ago I had a trial period to see how going bra-less felt.. and I loved it! My barely-Bcup boobies enjoyed the freedom from the restraint that many women use as a crutch. I think we too heavily depend on them to make our breasts look "better" or perkier or even bigger. But to each her own.

Breasts are beautiful, so why cover them? I have decided that from now on I will not wear bras on a daily basis for the simple fact that I don't need to. My boobs are beautiful in their natural form and I won't constrain them just to make them look like something that they're not. Living in a society full of conformists, my ways seem unconventional to most. The photo of me burning my bra is metaphorically freedom of expression. It represents breaking the the limitations of societal standards on the way we act, talk, dress... how we live.

I am a counter-culture, and I embrace it proudly and whole-heartedly.

Debauchery in the Heat

No one does it better.

We are a problem.

05 July 2010


Just in case you thought I was dead... I'm not. I just returned from a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. 7 days, giant ship, gorgeous islands, deep blue sea. St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, and Labadee, Haiti. I enjoyed myself a lot. I wish I could share my awesome photos with you, but I have been struck by misfortune. Pray for me and my Canon.

It is important though that I press on, so I shall. The blogging continues, rain or shine.