30 April 2010

High Thoughts

Up... now playing on my iTunes... "everything's better when ya high"... tell me about it. Sitting here on my rainbow striped quilt... I feel like painting flags tonight. Finals next week, take home test.... in Marketing. I'm going to do it soon. It feels later than it really is right now. *looks at clock* Yea, it's pretty early for the way I'm feeling. The song is fading out... #nowplaying In The Cut... I enjoyed watching him perform that before the mixtape dropped. Everyone' s going to parties tonight, not me... got too much to do. Doobies... mmm... I could go for it right now. *surveys surro --*phone rings, disrupts thoughts*-- Tyler be bullshittin'.. I doubt he's gonna show up. Then again, he does want me to flat iron his hair... maybe he will. "I love her attitude, she love tracin' my ink." =)

If only... haha. I'll refrain. Yoi keeps walking back and forth with a towel on... I should rip it off... she'll hit me though. I just know it. Ahhh.. Still Blazin'.. "I'm here but my minds gone." Story of my life. I don't even really live here on this planet... I'm in the sky more often than I am here. Y'all write names on clouds, I might as well build a shack on one... it won't be stable enough though. She's lotioning her legs now... her whole body.... wait til she reads this.. *maximizes Tweetdeck, tweets @SixxInchWalker, minimizes window*... "if you ain't suckin' or fuckin' get your ass out!" Glass House ... don't break it.

Next week I'm making an attempt to go back home for the Dom Kennedy and Curren$y concert... that would be tight.. me and Nef would show the hell off. *imagines* Hopefully I get some bread when I go home tomorrow. That'll stabilize my situation. #nowplaying Pedal to the Medal... our song? Um... yea. I honestly think something may be wrong with me... no, everything is right with me. Something would be wrong if I could be classified as normal... but I don't think I can... so it's all good.

"They don't wanna see me... flyyyyyy." Too bad. I got permanent wings.

MadeMen + FastLife Connection

It's all in the family.

Not all of the crew was featured. I had to snap away though because my brothers were well dressed yesterday, as always. Just wanted to disclose a few pics as a preview to the upcoming photo shoot with the guy of 601 and the MadeMen.

from my old camera

I remember me taking this in high school when I went with to the Newseum back home. It's a museum about journalism, to put it simply. This sign was in the section of the museum that was focused on the Bill of Rights, more specifically the First Amendment (according to what I remember). Being the marijuana supporter that I am, it is expected that I would capture this.

"Keep Dope Alive" *pun intended*

29 April 2010

Pilot Talk.. Coming Soon

A snippet from the listening party for Curren$y's upcoming album, Pilot Talk. The team of Spitta and Dame Dash has me anticipating a lot.


Nice ass water bottle bong, right? You already know that was gonna catch my attention.

28 April 2010

Quote of the Day

The whole concept of music is enough evidence for me that God exists.

One of the deepest tweets I've seen in a while. As a music-lover, this touched me, and I know it touched many of you. Not in a super emotional way, but like it struck a nerve or chord within you... I guess that place inside you that has a passion for tunes.

Get my mans SRG with the #follow.

27 April 2010

from Jordan's polaroid

I adore this pic of me! Most likely because of how vintage-looking it is. And my Bob Marley sticker looks dumb cool.


Going through my camera, I always find pics like this. I remember exactly when and where I took it too. I will never forget those 2 blunts I rolled. haha ;p

Miss Whitley

My girl Krystle always reminds me of a goofier version of Whitley from the old show A Different World. She's one of my friends whose style I admire so much. Here's a few shots I got of her on a random day when I fell in love with her attire.
Follow my KrystleBall on Twitter! @Krystleville

++DC Chillin. PG Chillin.++

Quote of the Day

I'm not following the Young Money affiliates, but I'm glad my friends are for this very reason: at times they tweet things that are worth a retweet.

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

I'll keep my reflection short and simple. Believe it or not, but love, no matter the form, is a commitment.It takes energy and sacrifice, both of which you must be willing to give.

"King Kong"

If you haven't heard...

... the song went on sale on iTunes today. Go support Spitta, and buy the song y'all!

#jets nigga. retweet that.

Welcome to my Steam Room

*sing the post title like the Luda & Usher "Sex Room" chorus* haha

If you haven't realized this by now, I enjoy smoking in a steamed-out bathroom. That's where all my weekend wake-n-bake sessions are held. This weekend we dug in my collection and had a roach session. Of course it would be Freaky Ty ( @Chicken_Grease) that introduced me to smoking out of a straw. It was rather smooth if I do say so myself.
Never smoked in a "steam room"? Try it! Just turn the shower on high heat, close the door, then go in 5 minutes later and light up! If you get too hot, sit on the floor. When you stand up into that cloud of marijuana smoke, you will know that you're high.

++captured from the Blunt-Berry++

26 April 2010

CyroHaze: Youngin on his Grind

My boy Cyro has dropped a new track "Youngin On His Grind".
Support my boy Ant!!

This track is the first from his upcoming mixtape Nothing You Expected. Look out for it later this month!
Download "Youngin On His Grind" Here!

Quote of the Day

Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you kept holding on in the first place.
- Pearl ( @SixxInchWalker )

It's hard for us to remain dedicated and persistent in our endeavors when struggle is involved. No matter what you are working towards, whether it be a good grade, getting the guy/girl that you want, or even getting a paycheck, when hard work presents itself we are all quick to retreat. Why? Fear of failure... lack of foresight... pure damn laziness. Before you decide that you can no longer go on, re-evaluate your original motivations. If the pursuit is not worth the goal, then a wise choice would be to pursue something worth the fight. BUT, if the end result holds more weight and magnitude than the process it took to get there, quitting should never be an option... unless it's not really what you wanted in the first place.

25 April 2010

I Met Him. =)

Wiz haters can leave now... for the simple fact that y'all get on my nerves. I will speak no more of you. Ahem...
Yesterday I met one of my favorite music artists, Wiz Khalifa. Me and my love Pearl found out he was performing at Columbia University and made our way right on there! She became a new fan, and I.... well I've been one. We also got to meet his DJ, the gorgeous Jasmine Solano. I won't rap about my encounter, and I won't sice it. It was brief, but memorable. Tis all.

16 April 2010

Plumber's Butt ... #captured

Yummy caught me slippin'... Well my undies slippin actually. haha! The perils and troubles of having my ass, it's so high up! It bothers me that I can't sag my pants like all the little boys of the world. I attempted to yesterday, but I had to keep pullin up my neon-plaid undies because I had to be conscious of my rear end. BUT, plumber's butt happens to the best of us, and at the end of the day, I'm grateful for her.. and yes, I do refer to my booty as a her. ;p

Asian Party in my Mouth

Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Mandarin Oranges, Red Bell Peppers, Onions, & Ginger Dressing...
St. Vincent Cafe's Mandarin Chicken Salad

I had this for the first time last night, and DEAR LORD was I pleased. It was so appetizing; the flavors, the freshness, the fun (the appealing 3 "F"s of food)... it was simply amazing. The ginger dressing was probably what caused the massive flavor explosion on my tongue, sending a memo to my brain that read "TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THIS FUCKING SALAD!"

This is now not only my favorite salad at Vinny's, but my favorite thing on their menu (with an exception to the Western Burger of course). I highly recommend this dish of culinary genius to any salad-lovers out there. And if you don't like salad, this might just turn you out.

Marijuana 101

When you put that out, give it to me.
For my potheads out here, I can't stress to y'all enough the value of a roach. But I can show you better than I can tell you.

And yes, we did get stoopid high. There's nothing like it.
I'm Pooda. And I save my roaches.

14 April 2010

Kush x Orange Juice the mixtape

It's FINALLY HERE! After months and months of anticipation and twitter battles Wiz finally dropped it today at 11:33. I can't wait to listen!

... then roll one (or two or three), press play, and get lifted.

13 April 2010

Wake & Bake

Live from our steamy shower session.
I'm high. She's high. We all got the low eye!
Straight from the B-Berry.


This picture sent a tingle of delight throughout my body. lol

09 April 2010

Nike + Tiger

Through this whole drama-filled time period since Tiger Wood's accident, I have stood firmly in my opinion that he is a human being, just like us all, who makes mistakes. What he did in the past does not define him as a person. Though I'm pretty sure the motives were profit-related, I respect Nike for being one of the only of his sponsors to stick with him through everything.

In this new ad, there is no color and the voice of Tiger's father Earl speaks to him. It takes us into the personal trials that the golf star faced while in sex rehab, having to find the courage and humility within himself to open up about his addiction. I'm not sure that this will be an effective means of showing remorse to a merciless, judgmental America, but it is a damn good attempt.

Spotlight on Yummy.. Wanna Be on Top?

Today is the day my roomie and good friend Yayoi (better known as Yoi, Yo-Yo, or Yayo) goes for her America's Next Top Model tryout here in New York. We are very happy for our Blackanese wonder and excited for the outcome. Please pray and wish her good luck!

Stop the Madness

This video deserves the "-_-" face. It's girls like this that enforce the stereotypes formed against female ballers. It is ji funny though. And I watched it right after SportsCenter's Not Top 10 plays. What an addition to my laughter this was.

08 April 2010

Thinking to Myself

Knowledge is a beautiful thing.
I have a strong appreciation for the things I learn, the task is taking it and applying it to my everyday life. With all my realizations about people around me, nature, even about myself, I sometimes find myself trying to figure how to incorporate what I learn into who I am. It's so hard for us to change what we have been doing for so long, or what we have grown comfortable with. But I refuse to let comfortability interfere with my journey to making myself a better person... one day at a time.

a sunny day on "The Strip"

A lil bit of heat and we don't know how to act.