25 June 2010

Welcome to DC

Arguably the best player of the 2009-2010 college ball season, John Wall has found his NBA home here in DC with the Washington Wizards! Undeniably one of the best (if not top) athletes of this draft, the freshman from University of Kentucky gives us hope in a team that has lost its magic in the eyes of the capital area residents. Prayerfully, teamed up with Gilbert Arenas, Wall will rejuvenate the squad. I also have my fingers crossed that he will prove me wrong in my belief that his immaturity will play a negative factor in his pro career.

Tokin' Tunes: Pass the Marijuana

Pass 215. Legalize the Green.

One of my favorite songs... especially to smoke to. If you haven't burned to this, do so immediatly. Real potheads appreciate tracks like this on a session soundtrack.

No Need for Words

... but I'll add some anyway. A beautiful thing is happening right before our eyes. Something that I've been praying would happen for a long time. Marijuana is working her way into the system that so wrongfully took away her freedom in America. Uncle Sam has finally realized how much he fucked up, but instead of openly admitting it, he's decided to push weed from a different stand point. We all have our own dealers and connects, but the government is trying to become the ultimate pusher with this one.
Cards up for Medical Marijuana!

21 June 2010

Meet & Greet: Shaolin Park

Reppin' Norfolk, VA, this Hip-Hop trio from "Shark City" are on the come-up. They recently dropped their first mixtape titled Adult Swim on June 5th, and after listening to it I am anticipating the next (fingers crossed for this Fall). Vibin' beats, some with an Asian zing to them, with smooth flows make for a smoker's enjoyment.

Download Shaolin Park's Adult Swim mixtape here.
Roll and burn a doob to this.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects from Shaolin Park.
Shoot on over to their site http://thehigherlyfe.com/ and then hit all three guys with a Twitter follow.

16 June 2010

Happy Birthday Pac

"Rest in peace lil nigga, there's a heaven for a G."

Happy Birthday to him.
One of the greatest, and many of our favorites.
Tupac Amaru Shakur.

Papers Vs. Blunts

This blog is to address the ongoing, and seemingly stagnant argument between potheads nation-wide: which is better to smoke out of?

Ask me that question a few months ago, and I'd be quick to pull out a vanilla Dutch Master and discuss why blunts are better while smoking a finely pearled one. My main (if not only) point would have been that papers burn too fast, wasting your weed. But, in the recent months I have altered my smoking methods, stopping my use of dutches and limiting my use of swishers. After 5 years of blunts, I have turned away from them. Watch the video as I explain the conversion.

PLEASE give me your feedback so that I may make a response post. This is something that interests me a lot, and I do care what my fellow stoners have to say.

15 June 2010

For the DMV: New TCB

Everybody wants it, here it is. BounceBeat kings new cd. 4/2/10

Nothin' like go-go. Never has been. Never will be.
and TCB stays true to this. we behind you Polo!

14 June 2010

Pooda Wisdom

When a door is shut, don't walk away or wait for someone to open it. Go find the key.

Don't expect everything to be easy or handed to you. Make it happen for yourself! The Clipse said it best... "Keys Open Doors".

This Just In!!

I have gotten exclusive news today from SRG concerning the title of his next mixtape, set for release in July. YBH Volume 2 is subtitled "D.O.P.E.", which I have recently learned stands for....
Defying Other People's Expectations
That's what living the Fast Life is about: "Fuck what ya heard, 'cause this is what it is." I am anticipating great things from this next mixtape. It is clear that SRG has more than we can imagine in store.

12 June 2010

Serious Doobage

She's a G. Fuck all that y'all talkin' bout.
Do you know what I would do with a J that size? No, because I don't even know what I would do. Probably hit it in intervals. That's enough weed for each person to get high before they pass, fuck a 2P-P rotation. That's wild. I can truly say I have seen it all now. Before I die, I MUST smoke a doob longer than this one. I'm sure my Nef will be down... NY housewarming maybe? aahhh.. 2011 will be amazing.

Marijuana && Bullshit Launch Party

Come through. Party. Celebrate. Support... under the influence.

Marijuana: the things we love to do.

Bullshit: the things we hate to do, but have to do.

It's not just a clothing line... it's a movement. marijuanaandbullshit.com
Follow them on twitter @mandbclothing !

Freaky Ty x Va$htie

Third Floor New York Fall Supplication
Featuring my baby Tyler White. Directed by the one and only Vashtie.
This part was made for him. I'm so proud of my boy!
Follow @Chicken_Grease on Twitter.
We're Done... 1.2.3.

09 June 2010

Who is YBH 2? ... stay tuned.

The young black hippie SRG himself posted this tweetphoto yesterday. I personally love how he relayed this information about his upcoming mixtape "Young Black Hippie Volume II" in the same fashion that Wiz did for his drop of "Kush & OJ". SRG's mixtape subtitle is "D.O.P.E." which I'm sure stands for something ill. Don't know what it is yet, but I can't wait to find out.

The answer will be found within... the marijuanical experience.

Y'all look out for the mixtape! You know here is one of the first places it will be come July.
For now, follow the YBH on Twitter. @SRGbeDOPE

#Respect to my mans for capturing my favorite papers too! Bambu, made in his hometown. lol

love for the homies...

Many people like to compete, but over here, we show love.

"We are not a blog, we are a lifestyle." A quote that they stay true to, as I do. They post what's relevant to us, and they stand true to what the say on and off the web. And for that, they have my utmost respect, love, and loyalty. I am honored to know people like @BoizReal and @LuckyPeters.

It is important for us as a people and a generation to understand that making it to the top can NOT be accomplished alone. Support is necessary, and that is one thing that Novembers Children's creators have completely grasped the concept of. It's about working together towards different goals with the same agenda: success.

We may have two different sites, but we are one team.

Visit NovembersChildren.com ... the first blog on my favorites.
Follow the blog on Twitter @NovChildren


Wiz has yet to disappoint me. No crazy special effects and dumb ass video hos.. just the gang, planes, "Challe" and cool shit. He lives what he speaks. And if your not a fan, you still must respect him for keeping it G.


1.. 2.. 3 Strikes, You're OUT!

Last night, he may have single-handedly revived not only a team, but a capital.

We here in the D.C. metro area have been longing for a baseball team to take pride in, and judging from yesterday's sold out Nats' stadium filled with red shirts and "W"s, I should say we're mighty proud. On the first night of his Major League baseball career, Stephen Strasburg contributed to the Nationals 5-2 win over the Pirates with 14 strikeouts, placing him 2nd on the list of Most Strikeouts in and MLB debut. His fast ball was clocked at over 100 mph, and no batters walked.

Needless to say, Strasburg has set a standard for himself on the mound, and we look forward to great things from him.

04 June 2010

The Bag

Modeled by Yoi. Shot by Pooda.

The Day of the Swindle

We were walking back to campus. We saw it on the side of the road. We took it.
We came. We saw. We conquered.

One man's trash is our swindle. haha.
I can only do stuff like this with my Freaky Ty. He's always down for debauchery.

In this photo: @chicken_grease , 60 inch flat screen, me

02 June 2010

Quote of the Day

I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.

There are going to be times in life when we find ourselves in less than desirable situations. Don't settle for what you are given if it is not pleasing in your sight. Use the means presented to you to make a way, sometimes out of no way.

Simply put: Be prepared to play the cards that life deals you, or you shall be royally flushed.

It's All in Your "Head"

Do you think performing oral sex takes away from the intimacy factor between 2 people?

I can't remember who tweeted this question a while ago, but it's a topic that interested me much. So here's my take on it:

Oral sex, or "head" as we tend to call it, is a part of a sexual experience, and sex is better when head is incorporated. Performing the act is the submission of one's self to please another, in turn reaping the benefits of the other's pleasure. To answer the question above, everything really depends on 2 factors: who you are having sex with, and how good they are at what they do.

When having sex, oral and intercourse, with someone that you don't have much emotional attachment to, you are more critical of how well (or poorly for that matter) they please you. But, sexual activity with someone you love or care strongly for will always feel amazing as long as that passion is there. Everything is enhanced, making for a more pleasurable experience than you would have with a "random" person.

If you have an emotional connection with the other person, head will not make or break that. The emotions play a more important role than the physical. Without the emotions, that person is merely an object to you, there to perform a task for you, not with you. But with emotions, the act is no longer just about one person.

**Feel free to disagree. My opinion is simply my own.**

Quote of the Day

Faith is the hardest thing to have in life..but through faith all things are possible
- Jason

"If I just believe in it, there's nothing to it." Faith is all about believing, when you trust that something will happen, despite the odds. Faith puts gears in motion. It is the beginning of a journey (no matter the extent) that requires a confident mindset. When we lose confidence, doubt rears its ugly head. Filled with doubt, one is bound to fail.

Having faith is a mentally persuasive method. It is never easy to believe that something will happen when all considering factors are against you. Faith requires strength of all capacities, and in this world only the strong survive. In times of wavering faith, take a negative and use it to your advantage. When life tells you "no," you must tell yourself "yes!"

Stand strong and walk in faith...
there is no limit to the things one can do and achieve.


"Goodbye" video

Apparently I missed this video drop while on my internet hiatus. So here it is!


Pardon my Absence

I've been going through things... family issues. I've been wanting to blog, but haven't had the chance or means to. But... I'm back! And that's what matters. I have a lot to catch up on. So many days of quotes missed, so many videos not posted... Time to get to it!

P.S. Pray for me.