21 November 2009

The Gift That Keeps on Givin'

Tryin' to figure out what to get that special someone for the holiday?
Get him/her something that you BOTH can benefit from.
I just got this book. It's an interesting read.
Pictures included. ;p

18 November 2009

Respect the Baldy

Ok, I had to address this immediately! I am SSOOOOO tired of people rubbing my damn head all the time, giving me noogies, like I'm a little boy or something.
The first couple of weeks after my "transformation" it was funny, but now its old. Just because I don't have long, flowing hair DOES NOT mean that I don't style my hair everyday, just like any other girl.
When people rub my hair I get very irritated, unless your massaging my scalp. There is a certain way I want my super mini bush to look, and I'm sorry, but rough and ragged is not it! So everyone do me a favor and STOP RUBBING MY HEAD EVERYTIME YOU GREET ME.

Thanks for respecting my wishes. :)

This does not apply to my close people's and "siblings" that run their fingers through my hair. Their is a difference in the methods. One is soothing, the other is irritating.

17 November 2009

inspired by KK,,, Baoww! =]

I had to start a quote section on my blog... cuz I hear some of the funniest crap ever!
The star of this section is mainly Shizz. He a canon. lol.

"She's badd. And she suck dick like a champ.... & I aint gon lie, her pussy taste like tangerines."

"I had a bitch put her pussy on my sideburn. I was like 'whoa bitch! Can we have dinner first?'"

"I try my best to open my mouth wide so I can inhale the pussy."

"I will suck the fart out that bitch ass."

"Our siblings are the key to our future... little bastards."

"I'm bout to start sellin dutches and tampons... how much them things cost yall girls?"

Mike: "We the niggas. We do weed... and syrup occassionally.
Yoi: "I do sex."

Shizz: "Lee, you a canon for wearing them high-water ass sweatpants on."
Me: "... they're capris."

"Get in the shower and cut them lights off so I can watch this porn!"

"You know you winning when you got me thinkin' about losin' my virginity!"

"I ain't goin' to no damn St. John's versus Brown game! The only brown I know is Henny."

"#imthankfulfor the Heem selection God has given this Earth."
Me: "I don't think Birdman can rap."
Q: "He don't rap, he just talk to the streets."


sometimes the quest for pussy ends up in
first a detour
up high mountains
fourteen something odd thousand feet
of sweat and aching legs then cold bones when the storms roll in
and near moments of losing your soul
down badlands
of red dirt and the memories of rivers
haunting you
while you lick the dust from your bleeding lips
and cringe under the devil’s sun
wishing for that taste of water
and hoping like hell that when you find it
it does more than just quench your thirst.

-Esteban A. Martinez

judging from the poem, I'm guessing the author doesn't get it on a regular.

15 November 2009

The "Head" Convo

I swear me & my friends have the best talks, and from those talks come the best quotes. They may seem ignorant to some people, but our conversations are very insightful, no matter how simple the topic may be.

Last night on our drive from Checkers we were talking about oral sex when Erica started expressing her disgust for giving head. That generated these comments:

Mike: "Real niggas give head."

ME: "Real bitches give real niggas head."

Lo: "Real bitches give bitches head."

We all died laughing after that! Lo always knows when to throw a random funny comment in. That's why I love her.

But real talk, I think all these statements are true. And I'm sure there are plenty of yall that agree with me!

13 November 2009

Rip Off Barbie's Head

Last night my "hubby" Jimmy & I were discussing why women are stereotypically longing for love and to be in a relationship, and why men usually are the exact opposite. Look at it this way:
For the ladies, when we were growing up we watched fairy-tales and played with Barbie.In the fairy-tales there was always a young woman desperate to be "rescued" by a handsome prince who would marry her and they'd live.... what?.... "happily ever after" right? The whole movie would be focused on this girl searching for the man she would spend the rest of her life with. It made it seem to us that finding that "Prince Charming" was a priority. Of course, as naive little girls, we subconsciously learned how to, in essence, associate the word "happy" with being in a loving relationship with a man. Now, a decade later, those fairy-tales are defrauded and exposed for the bologna that they are. Kinda the same thing goes for Barbie. Back in the day, playing with Barbie wasn't the same without Ken, her life-long mate. If you had Barbie AND Ken, you were the ish!

Guys, ya'll weren't raised like that. You weren't concerned with girls and emotional crap. It was all about violence: wrestling action figures and destroying lego houses. You played with GI Joe, and NASCAR toys... and if you played with Barbies.... I guess to each his own. I ain't gon knock your preference.

So for those of you who find yourself asking the question "Why the hell are women so emotional?," I want you to think about that. While males were desensitized by fake guns & boxing gloves, little girls were given false hopes of becoming Barbie, with an infinite love like Ken. Today, most girls have finally realized that finding true love isn't as simple as Barbie made it seem... you gotta go through a bunch off BS first. But of course there are still those couple of females that hold on to the Barbie & Ken dream. More power to ya!

12 November 2009

Requoted by Antjuan =]

Life without sex might be safer but it would be unbearably dull. It is the sex instinct which makes women seem beautiful, which they are once in a blue moon, and men seem wise and brave, which they never are at all. Throttle it, denaturalize it, take it away, and human existence would be reduced to the prosaic, laborious, boresome, imbecile level of life in an anthill.

-Henry Louis Mencken

Although I disagree with this statement (especially about women rarely being beautiful), it drew me in with the wording and its sensibility. And I love quotes.

09 November 2009

The "Swag-Jackin" Conspiracy

Ok. So recently my friend/roommate Asaian Persuasion got into a lil slite confrontation with this youngin from Long Island, so I decided to address this.

Being that we're from the DMV, I think it's pretty safe to say that our style shits on most people's, and females can only admire. THERE IS NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO COPY THE DMV STYLE. What we do is unique to us, just like go-go is unique to us. The bright colors and crazy patterns, that's us. The bras and vests, that's us.

What I think people fail to understand is this: we do what we do because we can. We dress the way we do because we KNOW we look good. My answer to it is "confidence is the key to swag." You can't successfully jack someone's swag. EVER. Because that ain't your thing. Get your confidence up, feel good about what you wear. Even if people going on your style, rock it like you the baddest broad walkin. This goes for fellas too.

It's understandable for yall to admire our style. But don't you dare ever copy.

Imitation is damn near impossible. & duplication? Please. In your dreams.

03 November 2009

This Month's Friend of Honor

My darling Janice Blemur, better known as Jan, is an "endangered species." A woman who takes care of her business. She's one of VERY few people I know that are successful multitaskers, taking on the task of going to school full-time and maintaining a 4.0, working part-time, AND hosting groups of friends in her house often. She currently holds the title of Miss Black & Gold for St. John's Alpha chapter, and she's going for the state title this week. She even convinced me to chill out with some of my "bad habits" until I get my grades in check. *Round of applause*

Serious about her education and future, but still knows how to have a damn good time.
Inspiring. That's what Jan aka "Friend" is.