20 July 2011


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so why don't you see it?
Life is what you make it, but I can't make it what I want.
I've never seen silver in a cloud, the thing is I probably never will.
There's a reason why this happened, but what happened to chance?
You lie to spare feelings and cut yourself to feel good.
Pleasure is pain and pain is love.
And all this down here came from that place above?
Everything, not one word you utter.... lacks contradiction.

18 July 2011

The Friend I Made

Today's Rescue Mission
What are shelters good for? I've been dialing for hours and have spoken to one useless piece of human who directed me to an animal rescue organization located 4 hours away because her shelter doesn't accept big dogs. But I know what she really meant to say is that Pitbulls aren't welcome there.
It sucks that these beautiful dogs are looked at as such a liability. My new friend is so friendly, despite his malnourishment at the hands of the most harmful being on the face of this earth.
So while vets and shelter workers are busy "saving" animals, this poor guy is panting for a drink on my front doorstep. Go figure.

16 July 2011

the appetizer swindle... !!

Why the fuck are restraurant appetizers better than the fucking entrees?

An intentional mishap. The price of the appetizers (especially if eating with a party that loves to get the grubs and order the three platter sampler) is nearly as much as the entree. We just see them first and see what we like. We've subconsciously been taught that when we order an appetizer the big ass entree comes next! But truth be told we look forward to the appetizers more. And most times they're more "appetizing" than the damn entree itself. [So THAT'S where the name came from?]

Of course they wouldn't make a switcharoo of the menu [which would make us go whoop dee doo] and put those crap-for-shit entrees as the teaser.
haha at myself though. This wouldn't be an issue if I was breaking pockets in a high-class, or just higher average priced eatery.

Moral of the story: more often than less we need to build a meal out of those front of the menu delights.

**I am just a little frustrated because I can never make it past the appetizer section of Friday's menu. Quick spazz.**

Now I Get It

Success is all in branding yourself.

Sean Carter said it best: "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business man." You are what you make yourself. When looking at the a woman like Oprah Winfrey one has many rights to ponder her undeniable success despite societal disadvantages in a society of "-isms". Take what matters to you most and construct an empire that has one main goal: make that shit happen.

Deliberate. Design. Do.

*inspired by Michael Skolnik*