29 March 2010


I walked into my dorm hall and it was a bunch of people in the lobby waiting to be signed in. Being that I live there I didn't see the need for me to wait, so I asked this Asian guy if he was trying to swipe in too. He said that he didn't know what the hold-up was, so I went and asked the person on duty to swipe us in so that we didn't have to wait unnecessarily. We got past the line, and right before I went on the elevator the Asian guy says to me:

"Good job! Being outspoken really helps!"

This made me feel so good about myself on a crappy day. I know that my outspokenness may come across as overbearing at times, so for someone to say this to me, I was really touched. Knowing that my big mouth can come through on the clutch is a good reassurance. This just goes to show what I say all the time: our words have a huge impact on people, and we don't even realize it. =)

27 March 2010

the day after...

Two hours late and most definitely highed up, Wiz was amazing last night!
See for yourself though. I was pretty close, for your viewing convenience. =)


26 March 2010

Tonight's the Night!

3/26/2010 Wiz Khalifa at The Fillmore in NYC
For those of you who don't know, Wiz is one of my favorite artists on the scene, and I support him heavily. Tonight I'm going to see him for the second time in concert and I'm beyond excited! (now that he tweeted I'm even more damn anxious!).. If you who aren't hip by now, GET HIP. And if you are hip and you call yourself a fan, make it a point to go to his shows!

I will most likely be posting pictures from the concert, so stay tuned!

25 March 2010

Quote of the Day

So @MetalliKar tweets:

"I had a dream!" ~MLK.... "Nigga wake up already!" ~Anonymous

Though some people may take this as an offensive shot at MLK Jr, but the way I interpret it is this: it's cool to have a dream, but don't spend too much time dreaming. Dream, then do what must be done to make it a reality. So many people say what they want to do, but no one wants to do what it takes to make shit happen.

Stop sleepin'! Wake up! Make dreams come true!

Shawny Speaks...#truth

I can honestly say that this was from one of the deepest intellectual conversations I ever had. With Shawny and Zarabie.

Zarabie asks Shawny why he knows so much..
Shawn replies "JUST READ!"

That's the answer people! Pick up some type of literature everyday. Whether it be a magazine, a book, a pamphlet, a diary.. a blog (;p)! Just read something please. They whisperin' bout us, if you know what I mean. In a period succumbing to technology, we must not forget to follow the origins of those who designed this technology.

"The libraries is where the lies is hidden.. if you ever wanna hide something from a black person, put it in a book."

The MadeMen on the Rise

My niggas have started a blog! Its been added to my favorites as of this morning.
Check them out in this video diary of their trip to Miami.


MadeMen & BoZone bring you the latest track from our boy Moses. I'm gonna take this latest track release as a hint that the mixtape will be dropping soon... #imjustsayin

"Little Freak" Official Video

Honestly, the only reason I'm posting this video is because of the slight girl-on-girl. Lemme find out Nicki really do this shit. lol

23 March 2010

A Self Realization...

The majority of the time I know the answer to a question before I even ask it. I think I just ask to entertain the idea that people aren't as predictable as I believe.
So Why Ask?

22 March 2010

Quote of the Day

"As we get older, we don't lose friends. We just find out who our real ones are."

I beyond agree with this. At this point in my life, I'm no longer concerned with holding on to those friendships I thought were formed in high school. Those who are in my life are clearly here for a reason, and those are the relationships I will focus on maintaining. It's no use in fighting to make something last that wasn't meant to be. But don't get me wrong, it's never too late to lose or gain a friend. My inner circle is on lock though. I know who is sincerely here to hold me down. #imjustsayin

21 March 2010

As We Wait...

Wiz is killin' me! I need Kush & OJ... NOW!

20 March 2010

YouTube Search: Nicki Minaj Disses

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Nicki, the latest female rapper to make it big n the Hip-Hop scene. As a lyricist, I fuck with her SO hard. She spits crazy, and I love it. But I can't get with the gimmicky Barbie crap. I bang with artists that come as they are. It makes me take their words more serious. If you come spittin' hard lyrics, then turn around and call yourself a Barbie, I get confused! Don't give me that Harajuka shit. Come at me as a badd bitch from Queens that's ready to bring back the female spotlight. No need to call yourself a plastic doll. If you rappin' bout realness, come at me being real.

This first video comes from my soul sista's blog "Baoww". Whoever this chic is, she's vicious.
serious flow + raw image + valid point = quality freestyle diss

I watched this next video high. Watch it, and you'll understand why I died laughing!

16 March 2010

The Madness of March

It affects us all! Even President Obama is into bracketology.
Everyone should have their own bracket. It's only right that we all have seed-picking skills. Just do it for the fun of it. I enjoy seeing how right (and wrong) I am once the tournament is under way.

Quote of the Day

"A clean pussy is a happy pussy!"
- my bite-size Muffin

I'd rather y'all not know the context of this. We'll keep that inside the club. haha!

++DC Chillin. PG Chillin.++

14 March 2010

Studious Nonsense.

Instead of doing my homework...

*From the BBerry*

i want her. ;p

I'm saving the last of these pictures for my own personal enjoyment. Just know it's delightful.

Took Me By Surprise!

Why did I sleep on lil Diggy?! I guess I should have expected this from a child of the great Rev Run. I know I'm late, but I will be downloading his mixtape TONIGHT. Diggy just earned himself a new fan, 'cause his bars are crazy.

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

As Lo Requested... "Telephone" video

For those of you who know Lo, you know she's goo-goo for GaGa! So she instructed me to post this video. And what girlfriend says, I does. haha. And for those of you who know me, you know how I feel about Queen Bey. This video gave me so much life! So what if it doesn't make sense. It doesn't need to. It's ON, and that's all that matters.

13 March 2010

Save the Dog!! SAVE CHARLIE!

@TestfromPG ft Charlie the puppy dog.
Knowing this guy, I wouldn't call his bluff. So do what he says, and download the damn mixtape people! Don't take a chance on poor Charlie's life.

#RottenGrapes! Click it. Listen. Spread the word!!

*No animals were harmed in the making of this video.*

12 March 2010

Quote of the Day

"Our biggest limitation is ourselves."
- @Original_DreDre

Take control of your life. You'll get no where being passive. If the word "can't" exists in your vocabulary, you become your own worst enemy.

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10 March 2010

The Escape:: by Justin Rose

I saw this on Justin's blog and felt a post was necessary.
This is a dope video and a sick beat!
Watch & comment.

The.Escape. By Justin Rose from Justin Rose on Vimeo.

A young, black college student on his music grind. Keep it up son!

Check out http://thephlihiclub.com/ and http://phlilyfe.com/ !!


@Wale: meet ur next boyfriend/girlfriend in the club..youll lose em to same place #waleism

I totally agree. Don't go lookin' for wifey/hubby in the club... It's just not a good look. Try a church, job fair, or... Harvard.

++DC Chillin. PG Chillin.++


My heart. My joy. My sunshine. My confidant.
My provider. My ride or die. My partner. My friend.
My best friend.
The reason I breathe.
The love of my life.
My mother... My everything.
For you I will.


09 March 2010

Wiz Interview w/ Peter Parker

Me and Ebb gotta get our weed names!

Quote of the Day

"Grades don't measure how smart a person is."
- @cYrohaZe

In my opinion, school isn't what makes people "smart". Most of the values, skills, and lessons that we pick up as we grow are taught outside of the classroom. So what if you got a low score on the SAT!? You're not stupid. You just either don't care or you're a poor test taker. Yes, grades are important in pursuing an higher education and a job, hopefully resulting in a successful career. But face it, at the end of the day we're going to need those outside-the-classroom lessons before we need to know equations and theories.

Rotten Grapes:: the mixtape

Foyolyfe Ent dropped an entire mixtape recorded by artists drunk on wine. That's right, the entire work is inspired by wine. Makes for an interesting listen. Featured on the mixtape is Test from PG, Hotdam, Showtime, and IXXI aka P-dot.
If you don't download it... "you a bamma."

*Stay tuned for more from Foyolyfe Ent.. especially Test. He'll be popping up more often here.*

March 9th, 1997

It was 13 years ago today that we lost arguably the greatest rapper in Hip-Hop history. The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down and killed following his departure from an L.A. nightclub. Over a decade after his death, Biggie's impact on the game is still heavily recognized, much if not most of this attention coming post-humus. Though his career was cut short, the "microphone murderer" achieved much success, using his life's story and street experiences as the lyrics to his hits. Key to his rise were his close relationship with the streets, hustler mindset, and of course his teaming up with Sean Combs. In an age of "Crank Dat" and "Snap n Roll." we live in hopes that artists like Big, talented lyricists with raw delivery, will come out of hiding to give us the real Hip-Hop we fell in love in our earlier years.

We will forever remember Biggie Smalls, the New York rapper that fell victim to the violence and scandals that come with fame.

R.I.P. Christopher G.L. Wallace
Life After Death

08 March 2010

Kush x Orange Juice...

... coming VERY soon hopefully.

Khalifa is hype as hell in this joint. From the looks of it, the mixtape should be droppin' within the next week or so. Wiz needs to stop teasing us and put the damn thing out!


Weezy's First Day in Jail

Today Lil Wayne FINALLY reported to Riker's Island to begin his sentence. For his first meal as a prisoner, the chef prepared him noodles with beef sausage, marinara sauce, steamed veggies, a green salad, whole wheat bread, a cup of peaches, and a tea... what the hell happened to bread and water?? Better hope he not goin' in with the general population getting that kind of treatment. If I was his cell mate, it wouldn't be kosher! But oh well, it's Dwayne Carter.

1 day down, 364 to go!
Hang in there Tunechi!

Quote of the Day

"Cancer is NOT the death sentence."
- Ebony M. King

Sometimes people don't realize the power of words, and the impact they can have on someone's day. Words of encouragement, especially when based on experience, can mean the world to someone in need of comfort. If you call yourself a friend, be there for those you say you care about. Luckily for me, the ones I call my closest and best of friends ALWAYS hold me down. And the good friends that have recently entered my life have proved worthy of the spot they have in my heart. For that, I appreciate and love you all. You know who you are.

gone, but never forgotten.

The Beginning of Khalifa

His very first music video, dropped in '07.
Just wanted to share it with y'all.
There will be a lot of random Wiz posts in the next few weeks as I prepare to see him again in concert on March 26th.

Defend the Purple & Gold

Sometimes the best way to get your point across is to paint on something... or paint on your head? Ron Artest of the L.A. Lakers got the word "defense" dyed in his hair in 3 different languages (Hindu, Japanese, & Hebrew). How interesting! I wonder how Dennis Rodman feels about this.

07 March 2010

06 March 2010

Cassie is ON!

Music wasn't her callin', but she is a damn gorgeous model!
I love her style. And that hair color is beyond fabulous on her.

Today's Realization...

There is no direct translation from D.C. to English!

Every time I say something that is common lingo back home in the DMV, people ask what the hell am i saying. When I try to explain what "joaning" or "leaning" or "carrying" is, I get stuck! I be like "well it's the equivalent to..." and "it's something like...". I can never just say a word and someone be able to understand. But for real, this is part of what I love about being from the DMV... we really got our own thing going on, in our own little world. Ain't nothin' like it.

++DC Chillin. PG Chillin.++

Awaketh.. and Baketh

... it's what we do-eth.

(finally got to eat out of my special bowl!)

Bring Back Quality Cartoons!

So this morning I had a Wake-n-Bake session with a couple of my suitemates. We were burnin' in Steph's room, who's probably weirder than me, so of course she had the tv locked in to Nickelodeon. We were gettin' high watching Spongebob, giggling here and there. The next show to come on was entitled "Fanboy & Chum Chum"??.... what the hell. I watched a few minutes of it, and it started to blow me. It's a stupid cartoons about stupid little kids that wanna be stupid superheros and do stupid things... did I mention it was STUPID!? We then starting talking about the extinction of good quality cartoons, the ones we grew up on. Hey Arnold, Doug, The Jetsons, The Flinstones, Rugrats, As Told by Ginger, Rocko's Modern Life, even the original episodes of Spongebob! These were the shows that were not only entertaining, but also taught us something; each episode had a moral. I feel sorry for our younger siblings, who are growing up watching crap ass cartoons like this Fanboy & Chum Chum nonsense! All my little brother does is sit around and watch dumb cartoons that I've never heard of, and he thinks they're the best thing ever. Too bad none of these shows teach him valuable lessons. They fill his head with a bunch of shit, and that's exactly why he's in 2nd grade and can barely read! It kills me to see the effects of media on the younger ones around me. We think it's hard for us now, but they don't stand a chance.

Quote of the Day

"Self worth beats net worth"

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05 March 2010

Mr. 106 & Park is Back!

From the mouth (blog) of Shad Moss himself...

"Ok, this is the first time i am talking about my 8th album. I am here to announce that i will have a double disc album. 2 cds in 1 album. With every album i try to be creative when it comes to a theme for my cd's. I have no name yet, or at least i think i do (gnr) But i chose 2 discs in 1 because every album i always say man i wish the whole album was like my greenlight mixtapes because everybody loves the Greenlight series. or i wish i had an album full of just hot rap shit like fresh az imiz and my oh i think they like me verse. People forget i was running with snoop at 6, i was cussing and all dat. so its like another person inside me who wants to make a rap album that i never could make. full of meaningful records. not all that stuntin shit but actual SONGS, my thoughts, my ideas that i want to share with my fans. Another side of me they haven't seen nor heard before. But then i think about my female audience and what they want as well, but i make those records in my sleep (outta my systems, like you, let me hold you etc.... So why not kill 2 birds in 1 stone and give the greenlight fans something to fuck with and all my male fans who just now fucking with me and my fans such as the ladies and all my fans that been messing with me since day 1. I want to cater to all my demographics. I want every 1 to be pleased as im gearing up to make my Cash Money debut. So this album is a more of a me thing, but u all will love it. because this album is a reflection of who i am. Maybe we all might have something in common once yall listen to it. Maybe 1 side will be your favorite, hell maybe even both of them. So get to know someone yall think yall know but have no idea. this should be fun. 2010 lets go. CMB/YM/LBW ill keep yall updated on the album status. thanks to all my followers on twitter and fans."

I don't know about y'all, but I'm actually excited for this album to drop. Bow used to be everyone's favorite kid rapper, yet people stopped fuckin' with him once he got old. I think a lot of people were uncomfortable with the change from a lil pup to a full grown K-9. I never really stopped bangin' with him though. I enjoyed both Greenlight mixtapes, and i'm looking forward to his future work. Stay tuned for more info on this work in progress.

"Drop The World" full video

I love Wayne. Period. & Em, he's THAT white boy.

04 March 2010

"Prioritze" video

Curren$y ft. Nesby Phips: Prioritize (Beeper Bill) from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best music videos I've seen in a while. The concept is so creative and the production is dope!
Directed by Jonah Schwartz... I gotta check out some more of his work.

Celebs are Bloggers too!

If you know me, you know that 95% of my time is dedicated to blogging. I love sitting on my laptop for hours on end, discovering new blogs with a crazy variation of topics.
Lately I've been getting hip to more and more blogs belonging to celebrities. So far my favorites are Solange and Kanye West's blogs. Check them out!

"My Damn Blog"

"kanye west's blog"

Just a Tease: "Drop the World" video snip

Can't wait for the full version to premiere! I'm anticipating Em's verse... I'm sure I'm not alone!

03 March 2010

Quote of the Day

"If it ain't on ESPN, it don't got nothin' to do with Liane."
- Jan Jan

It's crazy how well she knows me, because this quote is so true. Reality shows aren't really my thing. Y'all can watch the club of "Bad Girls" while I'm watchin' the bad plays on Not Top 10. Keep up with the Kardashians, I'll be keepin' up with Reggie. I don't give a damn about anyones housewife in NYC, Tiger Wood's wife is just a tad more interesting. And I sure as hell don't want to watch that Real World mess that makes a fool of my hometown, my Redskins are doing enough of that.
Sportscenter is where the real entertainment is.

Oh Lets Do It! #YBH

Quick preview of what y'all be gettin' on 4/20...
Look for one track every week.
It's not a game! Fast Life Ent.
Download SRG's "Oh Lets Do It" HERE!

I've witnessed this up and coming artist at work, and trust me you won't be disappointed when the mixtape drops. I'll be sure to keep the updates and weekly tracks for y'all. Also, visit SRG's blog Young Black Hippie.

Hit him on Twitter too! @YBHippie


Papoose:: Ghetto Genius

He calls himself the "Ghetto Genius," and that's what he is.
A lyrically superior being.

Before today, the only time I heard him spit was on Busta Rhyme's "Touch It Remix"... WHY did it take me so long to get hip? This nigga Papoose has BARS! My darling Janice put me on to this 2006 mixtape single "Alphabetical Slaughter". When I heard it, I was speechless. This New York rapper is the truth, point blank. Period. Listen for yourself.

02 March 2010

Quote of the Day

"Don't waste time on things that have no eternal value!"

I think it was meant for me to see this tweet today. Lately I've been finding myself concerned with things that I really shouldn't give 2 shits about. Why do we feed into nonsense that does nothing to better our lives? Today is the day I make a resolution to work harder at ignoring small issues that work against my self-betterment. If it doesn't have to do with my education, career, family, or close friends... then it doesn't have to do with me. At this age, we should all be focused on what is going to stimulate our minds and expand our knowledge, not promote ignorance.
Everyone do me a favor and be honest with yourselves for once. If you know that you fall into the circle of nonsense every once in a while, make the same resolution. Some things, if not most things, are not worth the precious time that we waste on them.
Thanks to my love Tarah for the indirect reminder!
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++DC Chillin. PG Chillin.++

Rambling Inspired by Wale...

"A few niggas stay. A lot of niggas quit."
- Wale ("Stonger" freestyle)

First off, quitters are losers! You can say anything you want, you can set an unlimited number of goals, and you can have a dream. But what does any of that mean if you don't follow through? If you've got a dream, make sure it's realistic and pursue it. A lot of you out here are "I wanna be"s... but how many of us are "I will be"s? Dreams don't come true on their own! Get out there and make it happen. Work at what you want, and don't give up until you get it. And once you get it, don't stop grinding! Success has no limit. If you give up it probably means that you didn't truly want it in the first place. Find your passion and focus in on it. Don't be discouraged by the haters and pessimists that say you can't do something you want to do.

**And for those of you out there that live to crush dreams... GET A LIFE. You failed, now give us all a chance to succeed.

Roger That!

The video premiere of the single off We Are Young Money.

01 March 2010

XXL Freshmen 10 Cover

Here's what you've all been waiting for. I personally only follow 3 of the artists. The rest are not really.. um.. my style.


"male virginity is a horrible burden that must be cast off on any willing female" lmao

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++DC Chillin. PG Chillin.++

Quote of the Day

While we were high...
*This nigga SRG looks in his pocket*
"Oh shit... somebody's lighter was about to be the victim."
#Fact: every true smoker skeems on lighters... and at the end of the session, the initiation lighter is gonna be the one that gets GOT! haha.. ;p

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