09 June 2010

Who is YBH 2? ... stay tuned.

The young black hippie SRG himself posted this tweetphoto yesterday. I personally love how he relayed this information about his upcoming mixtape "Young Black Hippie Volume II" in the same fashion that Wiz did for his drop of "Kush & OJ". SRG's mixtape subtitle is "D.O.P.E." which I'm sure stands for something ill. Don't know what it is yet, but I can't wait to find out.

The answer will be found within... the marijuanical experience.

Y'all look out for the mixtape! You know here is one of the first places it will be come July.
For now, follow the YBH on Twitter. @SRGbeDOPE

#Respect to my mans for capturing my favorite papers too! Bambu, made in his hometown. lol

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