09 June 2010

1.. 2.. 3 Strikes, You're OUT!

Last night, he may have single-handedly revived not only a team, but a capital.

We here in the D.C. metro area have been longing for a baseball team to take pride in, and judging from yesterday's sold out Nats' stadium filled with red shirts and "W"s, I should say we're mighty proud. On the first night of his Major League baseball career, Stephen Strasburg contributed to the Nationals 5-2 win over the Pirates with 14 strikeouts, placing him 2nd on the list of Most Strikeouts in and MLB debut. His fast ball was clocked at over 100 mph, and no batters walked.

Needless to say, Strasburg has set a standard for himself on the mound, and we look forward to great things from him.

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