16 June 2010

Papers Vs. Blunts

This blog is to address the ongoing, and seemingly stagnant argument between potheads nation-wide: which is better to smoke out of?

Ask me that question a few months ago, and I'd be quick to pull out a vanilla Dutch Master and discuss why blunts are better while smoking a finely pearled one. My main (if not only) point would have been that papers burn too fast, wasting your weed. But, in the recent months I have altered my smoking methods, stopping my use of dutches and limiting my use of swishers. After 5 years of blunts, I have turned away from them. Watch the video as I explain the conversion.

PLEASE give me your feedback so that I may make a response post. This is something that interests me a lot, and I do care what my fellow stoners have to say.

1 comment:

  1. i DEFiNATELY agree wit u on this one in every aspect ! i remember the 1st time i smoked a white boy [it was a clear paper by naked papers] and i loved it &' since i school last year i been smokin out of both but now, i'm ready to jus smoke frm papers, bongs &' bowls. hell, i'll help u spread the word: GO PAPERS OR GO HOME lol