09 June 2010

love for the homies...

Many people like to compete, but over here, we show love.

"We are not a blog, we are a lifestyle." A quote that they stay true to, as I do. They post what's relevant to us, and they stand true to what the say on and off the web. And for that, they have my utmost respect, love, and loyalty. I am honored to know people like @BoizReal and @LuckyPeters.

It is important for us as a people and a generation to understand that making it to the top can NOT be accomplished alone. Support is necessary, and that is one thing that Novembers Children's creators have completely grasped the concept of. It's about working together towards different goals with the same agenda: success.

We may have two different sites, but we are one team.

Visit NovembersChildren.com ... the first blog on my favorites.
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