02 June 2010

It's All in Your "Head"

Do you think performing oral sex takes away from the intimacy factor between 2 people?

I can't remember who tweeted this question a while ago, but it's a topic that interested me much. So here's my take on it:

Oral sex, or "head" as we tend to call it, is a part of a sexual experience, and sex is better when head is incorporated. Performing the act is the submission of one's self to please another, in turn reaping the benefits of the other's pleasure. To answer the question above, everything really depends on 2 factors: who you are having sex with, and how good they are at what they do.

When having sex, oral and intercourse, with someone that you don't have much emotional attachment to, you are more critical of how well (or poorly for that matter) they please you. But, sexual activity with someone you love or care strongly for will always feel amazing as long as that passion is there. Everything is enhanced, making for a more pleasurable experience than you would have with a "random" person.

If you have an emotional connection with the other person, head will not make or break that. The emotions play a more important role than the physical. Without the emotions, that person is merely an object to you, there to perform a task for you, not with you. But with emotions, the act is no longer just about one person.

**Feel free to disagree. My opinion is simply my own.**

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  1. Very well put... I fuck with this jawn a lot. Your views are accurate