02 June 2010

Quote of the Day

Faith is the hardest thing to have in life..but through faith all things are possible
- Jason

"If I just believe in it, there's nothing to it." Faith is all about believing, when you trust that something will happen, despite the odds. Faith puts gears in motion. It is the beginning of a journey (no matter the extent) that requires a confident mindset. When we lose confidence, doubt rears its ugly head. Filled with doubt, one is bound to fail.

Having faith is a mentally persuasive method. It is never easy to believe that something will happen when all considering factors are against you. Faith requires strength of all capacities, and in this world only the strong survive. In times of wavering faith, take a negative and use it to your advantage. When life tells you "no," you must tell yourself "yes!"

Stand strong and walk in faith...
there is no limit to the things one can do and achieve.


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