23 February 2010


Yesterday's popular Twitter Trending Topic.. I saw some good tweets that need to be reTweeted on my blog.

#weedetiquette dont skeem on niggas lighters

#weedetiquette respect every head on the J... if u dont respect em, dont spark wit em.

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette bring good conversation to the session.

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette remember this is a bonding session between you and those in it. get to know the niggas you smoking wit.

@MaryJaneHer: #weedetiquette if you ain't rolln don't rush it. & if u ain't put in you have no say at all.

@FlavaaDave: #weedetiquette have some good music. dnt come wit no random radio tunes

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette dont disguard of the roach until you have cleared it w/ everyone in the session.

@FlavaaDave: #weedetiquette if i smoke a blunt with ya speak the next day..

#weedetiquette bring more than one roll-up.. u fukn wit champs out here.

@ElijahRead: #weedetiquette dont blow smoke in my face.

@YBHippie: #WeedEtiquette though shall ask before puttin the J out....maybe niggas want that last pull.

#weedetiquette dont cop no skimp bag

#weedetiquette dont pick up another mans weed to smell it unless instructed to do so.

#weedetiquette ash before you pass

@EBBtweets: #weedetiquette if that bitch can't roll no need to bring her throughhh!

@YBHippie: #weedetiquette if you roll it, you spark it first, if you decide to pass; the person who copped sparks first.

Respect the green.

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