17 February 2010

KJ's Outlook

"RT @RevRunWisdom: Great advice:: Do things for passion not position"
"@TheLegendKj: @iPooda if i'm really supposed to do things for passion, i'm getting outta school cuz this shit is for position"

This tweet from my lovely KJ struck me as being so real. Honestly, none of us have a passion for college, the school aspect of college at least. We enjoy the independence, diversity, and social life. What we do have is a passion for knowledge. What do we remember more? School lessons.. or street lessons? Think about it. You know every strain of weed and how to roll a J, but you failed botany class. Exactly! We all want to pursue a dream that we have. But the pursuit can be cut short by a barrier in society: you need a degree to get hired. In this world, you mean nothing to an employer without the creditional of a higher education.

Therefore, college is necessary. I know the early classes and the unbearable professors blows hard, but we gotta do it, just to have something to fall back on if Plan A fails.

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  1. youre the bombdotcom liane. i wanna bag borrow or steal the botany class quote.*

  2. go rite ahead soul sistah! its all urs. =)