24 February 2010

A Man Sheds Tears

"In the [NFL], nine-10 years is life, and actually, for the most part, I was a Charger for life..."
During a press conference yesterday LaDainian Tomlinson gave an emotional farewell address to his San Diego family. Throughout his time as a Charger, he not only exhibited a die-hard passion for the game, but he also showed an undying love for his team.
"Sometimes emotions is what makes a person and, as you guys know, I've always wore my emotions on my sleeves. So for that I'm not sorry. And I thank you.''
Tomlinson will possibly be picked up by the Patriots, Saints, Texans, or the Eagles. I wish the talented running back all the luck in the world. His drive to succeed on the field will lead his desired championship with another squad, but we'll always remember him as a San Diego Charger.

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