17 July 2012


I've worked.
I've schooled.
I've read.
I've wrote.
I've thought.
I've loved.
I've cried.
I've fought.
I've won.
I've lost.
I've fallen.
I've gotten up.

And now I've come...
to conquer.

During my consecutive hiatuses from the web life (or from sharing my deepest to most shallow of thoughts online) I have tackled many obstacles in my way of becoming a woman. I took time away to focus on challenges in my life that I felt were holding me back. Yet, I still see many ahead. And I've come to learn that this will always be the case. So why put what you enjoy on hold to face what you will never, regardless of what peace you have within, be able to destroy? And then I look at my arm: Hakuna Matata.

I thank the Higher Spirits that guide me for placing me on this crash course towards my dreams, goals, and most importantly, the superlative state they call Nirvana. Once insurmountable tribulations have become step stools on my quest, and those experiences have only brought me giant leaps closer to the top. I have grown fond of those memories, no matter how devastating they one appeared. I am woman, unmatched in ability, love, courage, and strength all at the same time.

This, now, is my time. I have something to say, and this page is once again my place to say it. 

Be blessed. Peace. 

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