23 July 2012

only he.

my Mr. Rightfornow -- and that's how it will be for now.
don't ask me how, time considered, this happened to me.
the girl he knows as "Lee". as if he knows me.
but he glances like he does. 
that look as if he sees the kept secrets in my eyes.
my mouth stays shut but my eyes say it all and my body says more...
to him at least.
he knows what he doesn't know he knows.
he gives them to me. i take them.
like candy to a baby, i can't fake them.
indeed i've experienced something of the sort,
but never of this caliber.
this must be the way it's supposed to feel... for now at least.
I Care 4 You plays. he takes my secrets and makes them known truths.
the climax, the lomax, and in between.
it's only when I get it there with you.
i need that feeling only you've brought me.
only you can bring me. those pleasure pains.

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