19 July 2012

Inspired by "The Wolf"

Illusttration credits: "Wolf Woman" by Niko Guardio
The bitch goddess.... to love her is to die.
Your poison is her eyes.
Assassinated with her stride, lured by the secrets of her thighs.

La belle dame sans merci. To show desire is to make her your prey.
Eroticized stares in her direction lead to a reflection-perfect smirk,
then the tender release from her venomous voice box.

She pities no naivety; her victims are self made.
Made vulnerable by their own far wishes to become her idol slave.

Lay down with she and make her fortress your coffin.
The sweet joy of her surrender overcomes you; she officially owns you.
Your physical and mental, passionately slain, hand cooked and devoured by she,
the temptress.

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