20 July 2012

A Genuine Mask

Let's go to a masquerade ball, where we owe no one the truth, just cheshire smiles and bottomless eyes.

Where pretending isn't frowned upon because it's the name of the game.
No question what's behind the facade, no quest for reason as to why you put it up.

Basking in imagination because real life is like a poison.
Taking sips of red Kool-Aid as we casually discuss the world's end.

Seeking a matching mask to act as a conversation piece, yet we care not care about trials, tribulations, and griefs.

Tell me the good, the gossip is great. They shun us for our whispers, but they help avoid sight of our own fate.

Tell me I'm grand, tell me I'm fine. Tell me everything except what's truly on your mind.

Painted on features sell me dreams of temptation, lifeless eyes give me hope for body numbing relations.
How dare you lie to my mask as I seek truth upon your twisted porcelain face.

This party's cover charge came with a baggage check for free, yet you just unloaded your passport and suitcase upon me. 

So is it my mask that you seek? Or the faceless being behind it? I'd rather enjoy the crippling festivities before you, or I, find... IT.

Truth is all we need, but sometimes it's the last thing that we want.

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