16 May 2010

Weed influenced Words from the Wise

As y'all know, my G of a wife Nef keeps it too real on Twitter. She's always droppin' knowledge on y'all fools. Here's some of her wisdom:

thou shall never give a fuck about the next tweet only the next $$ #nefwisdom

thou shall never think its okay too share chapstick..the pussy eating rates are going up.#nefwisdom

thou shall never challenge my thoughts on hip-hop..i know whats right and whats commercial.#nefwisdom

thou shall never wear fake sneakers..or i will be forced too jun tao that ass #nefwisdom

thou shall never challenge my G' status..being a G doesnt mean lying about ur life [drake].it means staying true to who you are.#nefwisdom

thou shall never have to finger your pussy and smell a onion kush tinge on their finger tips..ladies use dove..use soap. #nefwisdom

thou shall never be jealous of the next bitch..just be friends with her..bet you benefit #nefwisdom

thou shall never want to be a barbie...leave that too lil kim who originated and nicki who bit her style #nefwisdom

If you aren't following my cannabis cadet @nefprez , do so NOW. Or else we'll roll you up in our trusty papers and smoke you until there is no more idiot left. Then flick your ashes in a disrespectful manner. Oh, and if you think your a smoker, match us. Me and her will be the judge. (Only the finest of herbery allowed.)


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