17 May 2010

I just realized...

Baseball can be very interesting when it's played right.

I have never been a baseball person. I think I've only been to 2 games before ever in my life: one DeMatha high school game and one Nationals game. The DM game didn't really keep my attention, but that could be due to distractions around me. And the Nationals game, well, we all know how they play, so I wasn't very interested. Neither game was fast-paced or exciting, making my perception of baseball to be... BORING.

But, watching SportsCenter during baseball season, I see a lot of plays from baseball games that lead me to believe that I judged the game wrong. Deep dives, slides, nearly impossible catches.... the game can be very intriguing. I think it's time to give the sport another chance, because I may just be missing out. If only my hometeam Nats were good!

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