27 May 2010

Match Somethin'

Random thoughts after a high night.
Wanna blaze? Let's partake.
You smell this dank? Let's not fake.
Roll it up, or I shall. Spark it, or I will.
Toke it up, choke it out. Blowin' smoke, puffin' clouds.
*looks at joint* This that loud. Stupid, stoopid loud!
Tappin' out? No never that. Hold your weed, no turning back.
Don't church the J. It's time to pass.
Don't disrespect me, shake that ash.
You want this roach? I'll sure take her.
Smoke the clip, or save for later.
Eyes all low, we both high. This should define being fly.
What you mean you done with this? Call the weedman. No bullshit.
Drinks up for you. More tree for me. ESPN on. This life's a tease....

Or is it a dream? If so, we shall eternally sleep.
Welcome to my Ganja Galaxy.

Forest fires and air pollution.

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