27 April 2010

Welcome to my Steam Room

*sing the post title like the Luda & Usher "Sex Room" chorus* haha

If you haven't realized this by now, I enjoy smoking in a steamed-out bathroom. That's where all my weekend wake-n-bake sessions are held. This weekend we dug in my collection and had a roach session. Of course it would be Freaky Ty ( @Chicken_Grease) that introduced me to smoking out of a straw. It was rather smooth if I do say so myself.
Never smoked in a "steam room"? Try it! Just turn the shower on high heat, close the door, then go in 5 minutes later and light up! If you get too hot, sit on the floor. When you stand up into that cloud of marijuana smoke, you will know that you're high.

++captured from the Blunt-Berry++

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