16 April 2010

Asian Party in my Mouth

Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Mandarin Oranges, Red Bell Peppers, Onions, & Ginger Dressing...
St. Vincent Cafe's Mandarin Chicken Salad

I had this for the first time last night, and DEAR LORD was I pleased. It was so appetizing; the flavors, the freshness, the fun (the appealing 3 "F"s of food)... it was simply amazing. The ginger dressing was probably what caused the massive flavor explosion on my tongue, sending a memo to my brain that read "TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THIS FUCKING SALAD!"

This is now not only my favorite salad at Vinny's, but my favorite thing on their menu (with an exception to the Western Burger of course). I highly recommend this dish of culinary genius to any salad-lovers out there. And if you don't like salad, this might just turn you out.

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