30 April 2010

High Thoughts

Up... now playing on my iTunes... "everything's better when ya high"... tell me about it. Sitting here on my rainbow striped quilt... I feel like painting flags tonight. Finals next week, take home test.... in Marketing. I'm going to do it soon. It feels later than it really is right now. *looks at clock* Yea, it's pretty early for the way I'm feeling. The song is fading out... #nowplaying In The Cut... I enjoyed watching him perform that before the mixtape dropped. Everyone' s going to parties tonight, not me... got too much to do. Doobies... mmm... I could go for it right now. *surveys surro --*phone rings, disrupts thoughts*-- Tyler be bullshittin'.. I doubt he's gonna show up. Then again, he does want me to flat iron his hair... maybe he will. "I love her attitude, she love tracin' my ink." =)

If only... haha. I'll refrain. Yoi keeps walking back and forth with a towel on... I should rip it off... she'll hit me though. I just know it. Ahhh.. Still Blazin'.. "I'm here but my minds gone." Story of my life. I don't even really live here on this planet... I'm in the sky more often than I am here. Y'all write names on clouds, I might as well build a shack on one... it won't be stable enough though. She's lotioning her legs now... her whole body.... wait til she reads this.. *maximizes Tweetdeck, tweets @SixxInchWalker, minimizes window*... "if you ain't suckin' or fuckin' get your ass out!" Glass House ... don't break it.

Next week I'm making an attempt to go back home for the Dom Kennedy and Curren$y concert... that would be tight.. me and Nef would show the hell off. *imagines* Hopefully I get some bread when I go home tomorrow. That'll stabilize my situation. #nowplaying Pedal to the Medal... our song? Um... yea. I honestly think something may be wrong with me... no, everything is right with me. Something would be wrong if I could be classified as normal... but I don't think I can... so it's all good.

"They don't wanna see me... flyyyyyy." Too bad. I got permanent wings.

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