20 March 2010

YouTube Search: Nicki Minaj Disses

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Nicki, the latest female rapper to make it big n the Hip-Hop scene. As a lyricist, I fuck with her SO hard. She spits crazy, and I love it. But I can't get with the gimmicky Barbie crap. I bang with artists that come as they are. It makes me take their words more serious. If you come spittin' hard lyrics, then turn around and call yourself a Barbie, I get confused! Don't give me that Harajuka shit. Come at me as a badd bitch from Queens that's ready to bring back the female spotlight. No need to call yourself a plastic doll. If you rappin' bout realness, come at me being real.

This first video comes from my soul sista's blog "Baoww". Whoever this chic is, she's vicious.
serious flow + raw image + valid point = quality freestyle diss

I watched this next video high. Watch it, and you'll understand why I died laughing!

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