29 March 2010


I walked into my dorm hall and it was a bunch of people in the lobby waiting to be signed in. Being that I live there I didn't see the need for me to wait, so I asked this Asian guy if he was trying to swipe in too. He said that he didn't know what the hold-up was, so I went and asked the person on duty to swipe us in so that we didn't have to wait unnecessarily. We got past the line, and right before I went on the elevator the Asian guy says to me:

"Good job! Being outspoken really helps!"

This made me feel so good about myself on a crappy day. I know that my outspokenness may come across as overbearing at times, so for someone to say this to me, I was really touched. Knowing that my big mouth can come through on the clutch is a good reassurance. This just goes to show what I say all the time: our words have a huge impact on people, and we don't even realize it. =)

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