27 January 2010

Hard to Get vs Standards

"Why you gotta play hard to get?"
One of the most irritating questions that I've been getting alot. I find that to be an ignorant inquiry. Just because I don't pay you no mind doesn't mean I'm playin games. It flat out means that I DON'T WANT YOU. I'm not one to play games with others for the simple fact that I don't like when people play games with me. If I'm feelin' you, you're gonna know. But 98% of the time that's not the case. If you constantly blowin up my phone, Twitter, or FB inbox, and get a reply 25% of the time... take a hint. I really don't like hurting people's feelings, but this has been blowing me more and more lately, so niggas boutta get flowed on.

Some of y'all don't realize what playing hard to get actually is. I'm not Webster, so look it up on Urban Dictionary. Just know that the reason it seems I am that way is because I have certain STANDARDS that need to be met. This isn't eHarmony.com, so I don't feel the need to list a criteria and what not. To some my standards may seem high, but I disagree. I just refuse to settle... no one should. Settling for less than what you want is a set up for failure.
What's the point in settling if you know what you want?


  1. i actually dont like the "playing hard to get" because it is confusin honestly. We(niggaz) be like so is she feelin me or not? Welp fuck it NEEXXT!! When maybe the whole time yall was feelin us. I mean I say if u not feelin someone fuck hurtin there feelings. Let em know up front.

  2. thts why i dnt approve of playin hard to get.