31 January 2010

Grammy's Head-Turners

RiRi's Pre-Grammy dress is to DIE for. Bey is giving all Sasha in this fierce fitted piece. Her curves are heavenly.
YES Jenifer! Her body is amazing, and this dress complements her well. Very sexy.
GaGa never ceases to amaze me.

Adore the dress! On the fence about the shoes. Ashanti lookin in great shape tho!

Usher, handsome and well-dressed as usual. Mya finally stepped out, and fabulous!

Miss Keri Babyyyy! She is gorgeous, and workin that mermaid gown!
The best I've ever seen her.

Idk how I feel about this one Musiq. I do love purple tho!

Thank you Weezy for giving everyone a reason to break out their Space Jams.

J. Lo looks amazing after them babies! & Bey... I don't need to say how good she looks.
Favorite Gown of the night! TOO jaw-dropping.

No Fergie. You did not do it for me this time. Sorry.

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