26 January 2010

The Better Party!

Unique rhymes over futuristic beats.
"The Better Party" mixtape was dropped this week by Earthgang, a duo from Georgia. I couldn't stop rockin my head while listenin' to this joint. No wack wordplay, no mimicking of famous artists' flows. I love both Venus and Hobbes' delivery and how they compliment each other so well. Earthgang reminds me of Outcast, a revolutionary duo that epitomized Hip-Hop during its time. Defying odds and daring to be different, integrating unconventional sounds in the beats. Did I mention the great production? =)

Visit earthgang.net right now!
DOWNLOAD the mixtape "The Better Party", and put it on the mP3.
Listen all the way through! (not like that will be hard)
This mixtape exudes REAL Hip-Hop. Earthgang is the future of the subculture we love.
Real Talk.
"Earthgang be that live shit. You are just a rerun"

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