29 January 2010

Girl on Girl > Girl on Guy

How do girls fuck? That don't count.

This post is for those of you who discredit sex between females. Because there's not a penis involved, guys brush off the idea that we ladies can have SEX with each other. Well guess what? They're WRONG!
Dictionary.com defines Sexual Intercourse (Sex) as:

"intercourse involving genital contact between individuals other than penetration of the vagina by the penis [followed by an orgasm]"

Get hip niggas! It's a proven scientific fact that women will achieve an orgasm with another woman before they will with a man. Sex between females is a beautiful thing. Face the fact that women know women better than men do. Every spot that makes us shake, women were born knowing. The slightest touch in a certain area, that's all it takes to set it off.

What many people fail to realize is that the G-spot, that mysterious little area, is alot of times not affected by a penis (unless it's curved or used properly). You have better chances of hitting a woman's G-spot during foreplay than in actual intercourse (penis in vag), due to the fact that it is located ON the vaginal wall and requires pressure. The G-spot is what causes an extraordinary orgasm.

I've heard many people refer to lesbian sex as "just foreplay," which is both false and true in my opinion. It's 2020! Broaden your horizons! Get outta the traditional sex mindest. Sex is better when sensual emotions are involved. Women are emotional creatures. Put that together, and you may just get it. Every kiss, rub, lick... a sensation that can't be understood. WE know what WE want. WE know what spots to hit, and how, and the reaction we will get from that.

We be knowin'!

**This is not meant to say that the D is no good. It's VERY good, depending on the distributor. I know some of y'all don't feel me on this post. But it's not meant for everyone to agree. I'm just saying what others won't or don't know.**


  1. Sex between females is such a beautiful thing. I look at it as art. I mean whats more artistic than seeing 2 beautiful creatures try to make each other reach thee ultimate goal in sex. The Orgasm

  2. exactly what i mean!
    thanks so much.