18 October 2010


Tis my message to the young Black women of my community.

"You wonder why we call you bitch." We've heard it from one of the realest men to grace this earth. As women, we should be ashamed of ourselves and the current condition of our minority. It seems these days that all we are good for is making babies. Housework has become foreign to us, and we seem to be too good or fragile for manual labor. What is a woman good for if she can't take care of herself? We would rather fall for a boy that's in love with our bodies, instead of appreciate a man who is in love with who we are. We would rather have things done for us, than to do for ourselves.

Respect starts within! We cry and pout when we get played, yet we allow ourselves to be degraded and mistreated. Know your worth. Lower your standards and you lower yourself. As long as you have that reproductive organ between your legs, you can get a man. But that doesn't mean you have to use it to get one. No man in his right mind wants the girl that has more miles than a Subaru. No one wants a woman who is a mere girl, looking for a "sponsor" to pay her way through the mall.

As a young Black woman I take pride in knowing that when it is time for me to start a family, I will be able to care of them. I will never look for a man to do the things I am capable of doing on my own. The day I need a crutch will be the day I lose my strength. And if it's one thing I know, it's that a Black woman need be strong-minded and independent.. It's in our blood.

We are so much more than what we have become. 
It is time for us to act as such.

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