20 October 2010

Happy Spirit Day

Legalize Gay, 'cuz being Gay is Illegal RIGHT??
- Nana

If being gay is a choice, then so is being straight. It pains me to see society treat people like foreign creatures over something as personal as their sexual orientation, especially in today's day and age. To save face as the world's "freedom and liberty for all"-pledging nation, America has composed the "Legalize Gay" campaign.... but since when has being gay made someone a criminal? Way to add insult to injury. The reason I never purchased or sported one of American Apparel's t-shirt stamped with the phrase.

It's funny how people will say they don't support gays, yet have no problem with females dating one another. I understand the difference, but I don't support he reasoning. The world will never be fully accepting of homosexuals unless they stop treating them like the elephant in the room. And if they won't accept gays, then they can't except bisexuals, neither men nor women. Take us all, or have none of us at all.

The suicides result from tormenting. Tormenting is empowered by ignorance. Ignorance is instilled by our government. 

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