27 October 2010

DEFY Clothing: Fall 2010

"We are a lifestyle brand whose goal is to provide you with apparel that helps promote your own individuality and unique sense of style while at the same time giving the world a taste of DC."

 DEFY Logo -It’s our classic logo shirt. Wear it and DEFY the norms, DEFY the odds, DEFY gravity.

Great Wall-  The early emperors of China built a wall to protect their city. In 2010 the wizards drafted a “Wall” to protect ours as well. This shirt embodies the defy the odds part of our motto because the wizards didn't have the best chance to get the number one pick but we still managed to do so. DEFY the odds.

Save the Tits!

 Hello I'mWe feel that sometimes you have to be a little defiant to make a name for yourself. This shirt gives you a chance to do just that.

 Pioneer-This shirt is for the doubting toms and the naysayers who try to discourage you from accomplishing those goals that may seem impossible. Something is only impossible until someone makes it possible. Be the first to wear this shirt be a pioneer in your own right. Also inspired by the Nelson Mandela quote "It always seem impossible until it's done."

 BYE SON-  Ed Lover has C'mon Son and DEFY DC has BYE SON. Inspired by the Howard BYE SONS!.

  1. If you are trying to study and your friends are trying to get you to go out, tell them, "BYE SON!"
  2. After you win the football game, wave to the opposing team and tell them, "BYE SON!"
  3. If someone tells you that HOWARD isn't the best school in the world, tell them, "BYE SON!" and point to your shirt.
  4. If someone tells you that you can't accomplish your goals, tell them, "BYE SON"
DEFY the norms. DEFY the odds. DEFY gravity
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