22 October 2010

Random Thought

I'm watching the newest (I guess third) X-men movie, and I'm squirming in my skin. I never have been a fan of super violent films... and right now all I see is mutants killing each other over and over again... yet all of them are still alive in the end.

It just came to me.. Lo says the Phoenix girl is super powerful, like this bald one thats everywhere at one time..

My response..
What fun is all those powers if all you can do is destroy?

If I ever get super powers, they won't be generic ones, like x-ray vision and flight abilities. My glasses are thick enough and I fly everyday. They'll be the ones people would least expect. Like language translation and speaking powers so that my communication with the world isn't limited. I think it 'd be sweet being able to speak to anyone in any language. Plus, right now I suck in foreign language. I think I'm unteachable.

I wanted to watch Private Parts... guess I'm the only sicko who likes Howard Stern...
we're watching Katt Williams.

He's trapped under a motorcycle.

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