29 January 2011

The Resolution

After much stalling and excuse-making, I've decided it is time for me to return. For a while I've been searching for the words to convey the necessity of my extended hiatus. I thought they had come to me, those words, but I was taught that when you think you know the answer to something, think again. Today, not more than five minutes ago, I found those words. Like much of my inspiration, it came to me in music. The words of McKenzie Eddy at the end of Currensy's track "Silence" said it better than I possibly would have myself.

"How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live."

How beneficial is my message to you if I'm ignorant to the world we live in? In my last post I talked of the journey I set out on, not to find myself, but my purpose. As my perspectives began to change I realized that I lacked a platform; I had no mission behind my words. Now from a matured mindset I speak with a vision.

The journey is far from over, and I doubt it will ever end. But with each bit of insight I gain, there's another piece of the future I can pave. I have discovered my purpose. My voice will be the one people sometimes don't want to hear, but it's what they need to. You may not feel me now, but I'm convinced that later you will. I have challenged myself to change the world I live in by changing myself. Now, I challenge you all to join me. There is work to do.

To put it simply, I'm back.

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