30 January 2011

BlackBerry Chronicles: "God"

14th Street F station

I saw this one day as I was leaving my internship in the city headed back to Queens. It reminded me of an excerpt from the book I am currently reading Uncle Tom's Children by Richard Wright.
Yeah, but its different now, son. Its the people! Theys the ones whut mus be real t us! Gawds wid the people! N the peoples gotta be real as Gawd t us! We cant hep ourselves er the people when wes erlone. Ah been wrong erbout a lotta things Ah tol yuh, son. Ah tol yuh them things cause Ah thought they wuz right. Ah tol yuh t work hard n climb t the top. Ah tol yuh folks would lissen t yuh then. But they wont, son! All the will, all the strength, all the power, all the numbahs is in the people! Yuh cant live by yoself! When they beat me tonight, they beat me.... There wuznt nothin Ah could do but lay there n hate n pray n cry.... Ah couldnt feel mah people, Ah couldn't see mah people, Ah couldn't hear mah people.... All Ah could feel wuz tha whip cuttin mah blood out....
God, in an interpretive sense, is deliverance from transgressions. God's (or any higher being for that matter) presence is felt through collectivism. That is, the people on separate paths working towards one common goal keeping in mind the well-being of one another. When there is division amongst a people, their strength is diminished, leaving them to be easily targeted and persecuted by outsiders. History has proven that "a people united will never be defeated." 

For us to be united, we must believe.

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